Life As Told By The Bullied Girl

Life As Told By The Bullied Girl

this is the journal of a girl that is battling depression. Her mom is addicted to cocaine and left back when she (Jane) was only 3. Her dad beats her and constantly reminds her of worthless she is, saying that she is the reason that her mom left. on top of that she gets bullied day by day by her peers. This has a bit of romance I think. Still deciding the cast. I don't like writing sad stuff but I just want to give people a good look inside the mind of someone who gets bullied. PLEASE END ALL BULLYING. HAPPY(or sad) READING!! cast- Jane is Victoria Justice Britney 1 is Ashley tisdale Britney 2 is Tiffany Thorton Britney 3 is Selena Gomez Alec is Sean O Donnell Cassie: @brebop Sarah: @beeesafe Hunter: Francisco Lachowski still accepting cast members!

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Chapter 1.
Look into my eyes part one

Look into my eyes part one

Friday, June 20, 2014 11:11 pm

I honestly have no idea why I am writing down my painful experiences, just to relive them again. I guess I do it in hopes that one of my tormentors (my dad, the three Britney's, and the rest of the entire student body) would pick it up give it a read and feel bad for there actions and stop treating me like crap. It's a long shot-   oh I know it- but who knows? This stupid thing could be the breakthrough for tortured kids everywhere. If you're some gorgeous popular socialite, you probably don't know me as Jane Elizabeth. So here's a brief account of my pathetic miserable life:

When I was younger, about 3 years old or so, my mom decided that cocaine is better than a loving family. So she ran away without not one explanation. After she left, my dad was supportive until I turned 13, but I guess all those bottled-up emotions got to him. He just went haywire! He would stay out for days at a time, leaving me all alone. Then the abuse started. He would come home with a bottle in his hand and... well, you know. There was no one else I could go to because both my parents were only children. But if I am the one that has to populate the next generation of Elizabeth's, then my family is on the verge of being extinct.

Then we have the Britney's. All of them have the exact same names but aren't related at all. They think they're God's little gift from above sent to terrorize misfits. Like they seriously have no originality! They wear the same revealing outfits, they follow Britney #1 around like her dogs, and they're so superficial that it is repulsive. They have always had it out for me since our daycare days. They trip me in the halls, spread rumors, and pretty much any horrible thing imaginable to me. And I just... take it. Maybe one day I should just fight back, but a pretty big target is already on my head with them as is. I'll only make my time at this living hell worse.
But one thing makes it all worth it, and that's staring at no other than Alec Mason. He is absolutely perfect! He wears his hair in a black quiff, wears cute prescription hipster glasses and is built and tan. He's every nerd's dream girl. The only problem is, he's currently taken by none other than Britney#1. I still remember the first time I ever looked into his sea-green eyes. As cliche' as this sounds, we both were rushing through the halls, and dropped our books at the same time. when we tried to pick them up, our hands touched and we looked into each other's eyes. I'd like to tell you that we both leaned in and kissed in the middle of the hall, but that would be a huge lie. Instead he glared at me. "S-sorry... I n-need to" I was at a loss for words as I tried to string together an apology. "yeah, watch where your going, loser" Alec said with a glare as he got up. I was about to try to apologize again, but before I could, I heard the laughter of all three Britney's. then the student body joined in while I sat for a while with a very red face. after the laughter died down, I heard one of the Britney's clear a throat and i looked up. Britney#1 stepped in front of me.
" listen, you waste of space! I saw the way you gazed into Alec's eyes, and I want you to know that he is mine! If I even see you touch or look his way again, I will make your life miserable- even more pathetic than it already is! Do I make myself clear?"
I just nodded my head, because there was no way I'd be able to trust my voice.
Britney#1 sauntered away with the others nipping at her heels.

I guess now that you know how pathetic I am, you want to find some other romance form of entertainment. That's fine. Leave like the others. I don't blame you. I  want to leave myself.

~~ I know it's short but this is just an experiment. I'll update if enough people take interest I guess. Alec is the pic for the chapter image! Gotta love Sean o Donnell *sigh*
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