Jeffs P.O.V
Since the stove was made for like 6 people , thats why i only invited, BEN and the rest. The stove was covered with a protection wrap, so i took it off, it was so clean. There were two little doors at the bottom that could make the fire, i opened them, and turned the little switch and fire was there. I ran inside and noticed that Amber was in our room, so i ran up there to ask her for help.
"AMBER!" I yelled.
"Yes?" Sreplied.
"Come downstairs i need your help with something!" I sa...
on May 16, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V
I slowly opened my eyes, and sat up, I was on the floor... I got up and realized that I was only in my boxers.. I looked around panicking for Amber, and she was on the bed, with a bra and underwear, then I finally remembered what happened last night.. We took thing way farther than we usually do. (If you know what I mean XD) so I ran to the bathroom and put on shorts, since it was hot outside I didn't wear a shirt. I walked out and noticed that Amber was up.
"Hey, sexy." I said l...
on May 14, 2014
Ambers P.O.V
I slowly woke up, and immediantly came up with a plan, it was WAY to early for Jeff to wake up, so i went out to the store, where they sold weapons, and all that crap. I walked in and found a knife that would best suite Jeff i bought it and quickly ran to our "Resort". I wrapped the knife witwrapping paper and put a red ribbon around it. I left in on the counter in the kitchen and i made a big breakfast, and it was next to the knife,I know Jeff will be surprised.i made breakfast ...
on May 13, 2014
Your Welcome My Jeffrey
Jeffs P.O.V
I couldnt beleive my eyes... Was this for us? All i could do was gasp, i looked around, it was AMAZING!
"Come on! Its our home!" She said excitedly and ran upstairs.
Our Home?!?!?
I ran upstairs with Amber, she entered a BIG master bedroom, she got up on the bed and started jumping as high as she could, the ceiling was high so she made big jumps, her foot tripped and she fell down the bed, but i caught her, she giggled. I laid her on the bed, their was a remote for no reason, the...
on May 12, 2014
<3 :)
Ambers P.O.V
I brung Jeff to the door, i opened it slowly not to wake anyone up. i tip-toed downstairs and Jeff followed me, i quickly got closer to jeff when i saw EJ with BEN in his lap.
"Jack's mad at me..." I said scared.
"Well, Lets deal with him later." He replied a little worried.
I nodded, and speed walked to the front door, good thing Jack and BEN were asleep. It was REALLY early in the morning anyways. I walked out the door, and Jeff was behind me, i smiled, and so did he. Since the...
on May 12, 2014
No One Laughs At Jeffrey...
Jeff's P.O.V
I slowly opened my eyelids, and saw Amber on the other end of the bed with the blanket covering her, and she's in a little ball position. I got up without making a sound, and walked up to the door. I slowly opened it, and tip-toed downstairs, nobody was up, I walked to the kitchen, and made waffles, toast, etc. I brought a plate for me, and a plate for Amber to my room, I opened the door and noticed that Amber wasn't there. I looked around, she's not even in the bathroom. I enter...
on May 10, 2014
Why, WHY!? :(
Ambers P.O.V
Since Jeff forgave me, for what i have done, i decided to make him love me more, so we were just laying in bed, my head on Jeffs chest, and him watching tv.
"Jeff?" I asked.
"Yeah?" He replied.
"I'm going to go to the drug store and get a couple of things i need. You ok with that?" I said.
"Yeah sure! I was about to head out myself to, for a walk, and maybe get ice-cream." He said.
"Okay! Thanks!" I said happily.
i quickly ran for the bathroom but Jeff grabbed me by the waist, pu...
on May 06, 2014
You DO love me!
Third persons view

Slenderman brung Jeff to the mansion and brought him to his room and on his bed, he was in a deep sleep. Slenderman covered him with his blanket and teleported to his office, and found everyone arguing and talking, he joined in and began to tell everyone to calm down and that everything is going to be alright..

2 hours later

Ambers P.O.V
I slowly opened my eyes, and heard everybody talking in Slendermans office. I sat up and realized I was alone on the couch with a blank...
on May 04, 2014
I'm sorry...
Ambers P.O.V
A familiar, tall, and skinny figure walked by me, I immediantly stood up, and realized it was Jeffrey! He didn't seem spot me until I stood up and he looked at me in the eye.
"Oh sh*t." He exclaimed and started speed-walking.
I followed him and he began running.
"JEFFREY!! YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" I yelled as I jumped on his back.
He elbowed me in my tummy and I groaned, he kept trying to get me off his back.
on May 04, 2014
Writ chapter pweash
on April 20, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V
I ran downstairs and out the door, bawling my eyes out. WHY WOUKD AMBER DO THIS TO ME?! I ran deep in the woods and saw a big tree, I started kicking it and cutting and punching it.
"OH MY GOSHHHH AMBER!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.
"I hear you Jeffrey." Said a familiar voice.
"You don't understand." I said annoyed...
on April 20, 2014
Was I supposed to see that?
Eyeless Jack's P.O.V
When the movie ended, I got up and began to put the plates on the tray, just when Amber interrupted me.
"Oh, I'll get it." She said.
"No, I'm fine, I'll get it." I was anxious.
"No, don't worry, EJ, I'll get it." She pleaded.
I didn't want her to.
"No, really, I'm ok, I can do it." I sounded desparate.
"EJ, this is the only time you win." She playfully said.
I got the plates, and picked up the tray, and went downstairs. I was happy that I get to spend the day with Amber. ...
on April 01, 2014
Eyeless Jack's P.O.V
It was morning. I woke up, and Amber was cuddled up on my chest. I didn't want to disturb her so I slipped away from under her, and used a pillow for her to hug it and pretend it's me, while I'll make breakfast. I got into new clothes, and ran downstairs. No one was awake. Good.
I went to the kitchen, and got all the items I needed, waffles & syrup. I made the waffles and poured just enough syrup, for Amber to love. I grabbed a glass and filled it with orange juice.
I hea...
on March 30, 2014
Hello …
Amber's P.O.V
I was all alone in the dark watching this scary movie. What was I thinking?! Staying alone and telling Slendy I'm fine. Wtf is wrong with you Amber?! Every time there was a death I tucked my head under the blanket quickly. I almost cried, I was terrified.
Suddenly, I heard a door open slightly. I ignored it and kept getting scared by the deaths. But I couldn't ignore because I heard footsteps coming downstairs. I wanted to run right out the door, and go to my house, and just go ...
on March 29, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V
I sat there. Frozen in shock. Was Amber going to die? Was she.....dead?
I looked into Slenderman's eyes.
"Is she—" I got cut off by slendys voice.
"We don't know yet.." He said in a depressed voice.
I looked at the floor thinking, What have I done?!
I didn't take a look at Slendy I just went upstairs into my room. I rested on my bed. I groaned because I laid down on my wound, I laid on my back.
I got up and put my head in my hands, I kept pacing back and forth, thinking. If she w...
on March 24, 2014
Uh oh..
Amber's P.O.V
Smile made Princess have pups...
I petted Princess, and she whimpered, I immediately took my hand away. I don't think Princess is ready...
Suddenly, I heard the door slam downstairs. I ignored it and searched for Princess blanket in my backpack. I hear yelling and arguing from downstairs, i get worried. Who was there? Jeff? No he's dead right now. I heard stomping coming up the stairs. Toby? Ben? Alec? Huh? Jeff came storming in, and I looked back quickly. I took a deep breath a...
on March 23, 2014
Jeff's P.O.V
I immediately got up to a blood-curdling scream. It sounded like Amber! I rushed downstairs and saw Amber with her head in her hands, sniffling. I slowly walked towards her and stupidly asked "What's wrong?"
She immediately got up and left out the door. I was confused, I called
He came up to me looking all sad and guilty.
"What's up with you?" I asked Smile.
He whimpered as if he did something wrong. I was worried he messed up my room, so I ran into my room, and saw--
on March 21, 2014
on March 01, 2014
First Killing Spree
Amber's P.O.V
Jeff brought me to his room, and put me on his bed. I wasn't tired at all! It was 10:53pm and I couldn't wait for Jeff and me killing spree! The first time! Oh mah gawsh!
"So you ready for the killing spree?" Jeff asked excitedly.
"HELL YEAH I AM!" I yelled.
Jeff tickled me and held me down on his bed. I laughed so hard, I think China could hear me!
After so much tickling, I looked at the time and it was now 11:25pm. 35 more minutes until our killing spree! I'm so excited!
Jeff ...
on March 01, 2014
That One Day..
Jeff's P.O.V
Amber poked me, and I jerked up. I looked around, and saw, waffles, eggs, bacon, and toast.
"What's all this?" I questioned Amber.
"Just a little, you know, breakfast, in bed" She said cheerfully.
She hugged me tightly, and I picked her up, got up off the bed, and twirled her around.
She feel on the bed and I tickled her so, so much. She was laughing her butt off!
We then, got really close to each other, and kissed. We started making out! She moaned throughout a few times, I kiss...
on February 27, 2014