A Jeff and Amber Love Story

Jeff falls in love with a pretty sassy girl named AMber. JeffxAmber :)

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Chapter 1.

Young Love :)

Amber's P.O.V
I awoke to the booming of thunder, I hid under my blanket, stuffed my face in my pillow, and tried to go to sleep..I couldn't. I got a strange feeling. I don't know how it was supposed to be so I ignored it. I'm alone in my house anyways.
I was wide awake, everytime i closed my eyes, i couldn't, i couldn't sleep. I grabbed my teddy bear and snuggled with it. Suddenly i shot up and glared at the window..creaking up..A guy about my age came into my room. He wore a white hoodie, skinny dark jeans, converse shoes, and his hair was covering one eye, revealing his devilish smile scar. I sat there, on my bed, so terrified. He climbed onto my bed. I WAS A MESS! He smirked quietly saying "she's a classic" so that i could not hear.
"Hey, I'm Jeff." He said in a raspy voice.
"I already know who you are, Amber." He said with a chuckle.
I never seen him in my life! How could he possibly know my name?!
"Get your things, we're leaving" He growled.
"O-ok" I stuttered. I quickly grabbed my things. I got my puppy Princess, my iPhone, my iPad, my iPod, my laptop, some clothes. And stuffed it all in my purple backpack.
"I'm r-ready J-Jeff" I said terrified.
He grasped my hand tightly, looked out the window, and ran out bringing ME with him.

Jeff's P.O.V

We ran through the woods for a long period of time. I spotted a mansion, and knew it was Slendy's mansion. We both entered, and every boy stared at Amber for a while. She had a bright red face.
"Amber, this is Toby. Toby this is amber." I said.
"'Sup?" Toby said
"Amber, this is hoodie. Hoodie, this is Amber."
"Hey." Hoodie said.
"Amber, this is Alec. Alec, this is Amber."
"Hey sexy." Alec said
Amber blushed.
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