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Lost world. (SERIES #4-8)
Kenzie felt brave just to stand up and leave, but when she did she lost a loved one. She looked at Marco's dead body, as if she say a man explode.
10 reads 6 readers 1 by XxMarcoAndJeanxX
The lost world (SERIES #3-8)
Kenzie just woke up from shock, and one of her best friends are missing. Will she die fighting to find him?
9 reads 3 readers 4 by XxMarcoAndJeanxX
The lost world (SERIES #2 -#8)
Kenzie finally graduated, but before she can, she has to gas up ODM gas tanks. She thought this was a start to a new beginning of her life. But before she could put down the last gas tank, a loud boom threw her into the air.
13 reads 6 readers 14 by XxMarcoAndJeanxX
The lost world. (SERIES #1 - # 8)
A story about one innocent girl forced through a world with no faith,she meets some people On through her adventure.
16 reads 7 readers 5 by XxMarcoAndJeanxX