Lost world. (SERIES #4-8)

Lost world. (SERIES #4-8)

Kenzie felt brave just to stand up and leave, but when she did she lost a loved one. She looked at Marco's dead body, as if she say a man explode.

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Chapter 1.


"M...marco..." Kenzie whispered. Jean kept running, not looking back, because he though Kenzie and Marco were following him. Kenzie watches him fly to the gate, with out her. She kneeled down to Marco's dead body. She pets his hair. "Y...you did good...M...marco..." She cried. Kenzie dragged Marco to a little house, so he wouldnt be in the way of abbnormals. She pet him one last time. "You..did g...good...." And kenzie, walked away. "JEAN!" She yelled. She was approaching The Garrison. "Kenzie!" Jean yelled. "Weres Marco?" Kenzie jumped and looked as if she saw a flashback of him. "He....He went to help other soldiers." She whispered.  "Thank god" Jean sighed. Lets go to HQ. Jean ran while Kenzie walked. "Whats wrong?" "Im...Im just worried
about...Marco..." She cried. "D-dont cry! You kn-know im not good at that stuff!" he said. Before Kenzie told Jean the truth, but they heard a loud scream, getting louder and louder. They looked up, seeing that a soldier ran out of gas and was about to fall in between The 2 friends. *SPLAT!*  They both blocked the blood, and it went EVERYWHERE.
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on February 28, 2015