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I love wolves.
I have a Devinart, Slimber, and Fanfiction account with the same name. I also have a YouTube account called The4 Swords.
Look what personality I've got! What about you?
Arctic wolf
Arctic wolf
You are arctic wolf,
You are only afraid of a few things, you arent afraid to take a risk as long as its too much of a risk to ask for. You all stay in packs for everything for all tasks. You come across a hunter, he has a gun so you stop, and stay where you are, and signal your pack mates from above or behind to take him down. In the situation when your pack mate is down when they are shot, you know what to do, you call out a howl for a rescue team. You all trust in your pack and i hope you trust your journey is your faith.
on March 18, 2015