what rank are you in a wolf pack (1)

what rank are you in a wolf pack (1)

this quiz will tell you what rank are you in a wolf pack. It may not be your favorite rank. Sorry if you do not like your results. Please post your results. You can be, Wolfy the male alpha(leader) wolf, Moonlight the female alpha, Briggan the male beta, Sparky wolfy's little brother which is next in line for alpha (is a beta) the guarding wolf, hunter the hunting wolf, tod the oldest cub(male), Katie the female cub, or tiffany the babysiter.

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How do your friends describe you? (if you get a role that is not you gender, it is ok. You are just that role. No gender.)

a leader
a great babysitter
not good with animals
a loyal guardian
great hunter
loves to act like a baby

do you spend more time:

watching tv
hating wolves

Are you a boy or girl?


(answer this question like you were a wolf) if you were in the pack and an enemy pack attacked your pack, what would you do?

leave wolfy to it and do what he says.
command your pack to attack and you lead them
do not care. I hate wolves anyway. I will help the enemy attack. Hope they kill the wolves.

Do you think that knowing about wolves is important to you in your pack's ranking

totally! I know a lot about wolves.
no! who cares. I just love wolves.
I do not care a bout wolves I hate them.

lets see how much do you know about wolves: the next 3 questions will see how much you know about wolves. 1. what is an alpha?

something stupid.

why are red wolves called red wolves

because they are red
because of the red highlights in their fur.

do you like wolves?

yes I love them
no I hate them

what sport do you like best?

soccer and other team sports
tennis or golf

what do you think you will get?

One of the Alphas
one of the betas
hunter or tiffany
a cub
I hate wolves so I do not care

do you like me