How Do I Choose a Laptop for College? (ENGL 316)

This quiz is hoped to provide a quick and easy answer to a student’s laptop needs but even in cases where it does not provide an ideal answer can be used as an excellent starting place to explore potential options and even to educate consumers about what is available and what specifications or capacities they might be looking for in a prospective laptop purchase.

published on November 05, 20154 responses 1
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Which size of laptop display do you want?

Small: 10- 11 inches
Medium: 12- 14 inches
Large: 15 inches or larger
No preference

What operating system are you most familiar with? The operating system is the software that supports the computer's basic operations.

Mac X for Apple
Chrome OS
Either Mac X for Apple or Windows
Either Windows or Chrome OS
Either Mac X for Apple or Chrome OS
No preference

What is the most you want to spend on a new laptop?

Less than $300
Between $300 and $600
Between $600 and $1000
Between $1000 and $1300
More than $1300

What do you plan to do most with your laptop?

Word Processing
Video and Music Editing

How much do you plan to use your laptop unplugged?

Most of the time. I don’t want to take my charging cord around with me.
Rarely. I will mainly use my laptop at home or where it can be plugged in.

Do you want to use your laptop as a tablet?

Yes, I want to use it mostly as a tablet with a detachable keyboard.
Yes, but I want to usually use it as a laptop.
No. I just want a traditional laptop.
No preference

How often do you plan to transport your laptop?

Rarely. I will only use it at home.
Everyday. I plan to carry this with me everywhere!

How patient are you?

Very patient, I can wait forever.
I am patient, but I don’t want a slow computer
I like things fast and efficient.
Instant gratification is my middle name. I can’t wait more than 2 seconds for

How computer savvy are you?

Very savvy, I am always programming new things on my computer.
Quite savvy, I know my way around the computer but I am no expert.
Not very savvy, I am always getting lost when I am not doing something I am
used to.
Not at all savvy, I don’t even know what a hard drive is!

Will you use third-party software? Third-party software are programs that are created and distributed by independent distributors. This software may include, gaming applications, drafting software, media library programs and photo/video editing software.

I don’t know

How important is it to have ports (such as HDMI and USB) in your computer?

Very important. I will use them all the time.
Not very important. I will use other ways of sharing data.
No preference.

Which brand would you prefer?

No preference