What color is your soul???

You can find out which color describes U best!! Just take this quiz and find out!!!!

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What color best represents you?


You see a puppy alone on the street. You...

Ugh! It's blocking my way! Get out!
Awww... You pick it up and giggle. You're getting a new pet!
OMG, it pooped in the grass! You shovel it up.
Your writing, and just turn away and keep walking.
It's a puppy! You pick it up and drag it home. Oops, you forgot about the collar it had on...

What color do you look best in?

Roaring Red! It makes me comfy.
Beautiful Blue! It's the color of the sky.
Pumping Purple! It's so flowy!
Gorgeous green. It's the color of NATURE.
Yellow! It's SO bright!

What do you do often?

You pick flowers to give to your mom after you make a bouquet for it.
You paint outside of wildlife quietly.
You play games with people, but when you lose, you lose your mind and go crazy!
Your partying!
Your picking up pollution with Girl Scouts.

If you could get another pet, what would it be?

A lion! Of course!
A little puppy! They're fun to laugh with!
A cat. They're quiet and take care of themselves.
A bird! They are the animal that least ruin the environment.
A snake! Duh, do you even know me?