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Homeschooling Schedule?
Hello, I homeschool myself, I know that the normal time for school is 6 hours? I have made myself various schedules, but when I lose track and don't go along with the schedule I get irritated and end up balling it up and thro...
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on June 11, 2014
Chapter 4
It was Saturday, I was on my computer when all of a sudden an error message popped up.
"File cannot be saved to this device, please try again later." I groaned, slammed the laptop screen down and got up to go downstairs.
"Mom!" I screamed hoping for a response.
"Yes sweetie?"
I ran into the kitchen to greet mom with a big hug, she loved my hugs.
on June 07, 2014
Chapter 3
"That's insane Jessica!" screamed Dad, I rolled my eyes and sat down at the table.
"But Dad its a great idea!" I argued
"No, no and no Jess!" Dad set a plate of food in front me.
I ate dinner silently tonight, Mom and Dad didn't eat since they were going on, date night.
I was slightly happy about date night, gave me an extra two hours to work on my plan.
While mom was in the shower, singling horribly and loudly to the shower head I went up to my room.
Dad knocked on my door, "Hey kiddo?" He...
on June 06, 2014
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The Story of Genie
Hey Guys! You guys have been loving Jess and the Apple - A Story About Weight Loss. So I decided to make this page! This page is for everyone who wants a sneak peek on the newest updates of Jess and the Apple. Also I'll be maki...
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on June 06, 2014
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Jess and the Apple - The Story About Weight Loss
Jess is an 12 year old girl going into the 7th grade, After a week in her new school she ends up making up a weight loss plan, she shows it to her principal and ends up saving her whole entire school!
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on June 05, 2014
Jess and the Apple - The Story About Weight Loss
Coming Soon!!! ^.^
on June 05, 2014
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What should your name really be?
Find out what your real name should be, maybe Noah or Caroline. Or Ryan or maybe even Cindy!!!
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