Jess and the Apple - The Story About Weight Loss

Jess and the Apple - The Story About Weight Loss

Jess is an 12 year old girl going into the 7th grade, After a week in her new school she ends up making up a weight loss plan, she shows it to her principal and ends up saving her whole entire school!

published on June 05, 201423 reads 7 readers 3 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

I stood at the front door of the school, shocked of how big it was. All the kids, the lockers. Everything was new to me.
I pulled my backpack off my shoulders, I slipped and it fell to the ground, along with me. A boy hurried over to gather the papers that had flown across the hall. I got up hoping he wasn't one of those mean bullies like in the movies.
"Hi!" He said "You dropped this."
"Hi... Oh thank you, I was just putting that in my locker, right here."
"Cool, see you later!"
I was sweating, I was nearly close to fainting, he'll see me later? Oh my gosh, does that mean he wants to date me? I'm not ready for a date!
I just noticed that I was in the hall talking to myself, and everyone was staring. I wanted to float out of my body and out of this school. Forever.

"Hello Class, as you can see we quite a few new students, lets welcome them!" Said Mrs. Ross
No, no, no!!! Oh gosh, standing up in front of the whole entire class and letting all those people stare at me?
I shivered at the thought of it, "And Jessica Rancling." Mrs. Ross announced my name. I gulped and slowly walked to the front of the classroom.
I didn't look straight, I didn't look down, or up, or left, or right. I made eye contact with nothing and nobody. When will this be over?
"Jessica can you tell us a little about yourself?" asked Mrs. Ross
"Um..." I cleared my throat, searching for an answer.
"Um, yes. I could, but I cant."
"And why not Jessica?"
"Well, you see, I had a sore throat yesterday and my mom said not to talk too much." I sighed in relief, best lie I've ever told.
"Oh, I see." Mrs. Ross didn't believe me at all, she went to the next kid.
I ran to my seat once the introduction was over, I'm free! I'm free! I celebrated in my head until that got interrupted by a slight tap on my shoulder.
"My name is Jessica too!" Said the strange girl.
"Oh, well that's nice."
"Well we cant both be Jessica, it'll be confusing!"
"You're Jess."
I nodded, then quickly turned around.
By the end of math class, I was already near to fainting. Don't they think that two hour classes are too much for 12 to 13 year olds?
I looked at the time 9:54 AM, I groaned, 4:15 PM please come soon!
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D: why no more chapters!!!!!
on October 09, 2014
Hey Guys, I see these comments and I decided to add a second chapter today!
Hope you Enjoy!
on June 06, 2014
Good story Please add more
on June 06, 2014