What should your name really be?

What should your name really be?

Find out what your real name should be, maybe Noah or Caroline. Or Ryan or maybe even Cindy!!!

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What do you want your name to be?


Someone gives you a stack of books to read.. You...

Give them to a library, I don't need all these books >.<
Take the ones I want and donate the rest!
Tell the person you don't want them and walk away fast.
Read all of them and keep them forever!!
Read one or two then just put them a box and store them away.
Read the ones about animals and cute little guppies and then give away the rest of them.
Take the books about animals and dolls then sell the rest.
Keep the ones about science and school stuff and give the rest to a near by library.
I love books ^.^!!! Read them all
Read the ones about sports and then sell the rest for a new baseball bat

You see a brand new basketball sitting in the grass.. You...

Run and go grab!!!
Decorate it with flowers
Figure out what its made of, and what makes it bounce.
Use it to make something for dolls.
Return it to a store!!!
Leave it there O.O
Ew I wont touch it so many germs.
Act like I didn't see it and let someone else clean it up
Pick it up and give it to a kid that wants to play basketball
Play with the basketball but leave it where it was.

You see a kitten standing on a rock playing with a piece of yarn.. You

Get the kitten off the rock it could fall!!
Watch the kitten make sure nobody hurts it!
Take the yarn from it! It could strangle, give it a nice flower instead!
Train the kitten to do awesome tricks!!!
Pet the kitten and leave it alone, it'll be fine
Put the kitten in some soft grass and let it take a nap give it food and water and take it home!!! ^.^
Give the kitten a plush toy to play with and watch it.
Get the kitten some food and water and let it continue playing.
Give the kitten a basketball to play on!
Smile at the kitten and take it to a no kill shelter.