I highly doubt that I will be on here often.
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A Blast from the Past
A/N: Just to let yall know, I've written this story already on another site. I'm just posting it here.

Floating, floating, floating. Empty air everywhere. Where was I? What am I? Who am I? Oh, right. I fell asleep. A few seconds went by of just sitting in the emptiness before I started falling. Colors appeared, blurred, then suddenly went into focus.
'Where's the vial?' A majestic aquamarine colored dragon asked. 'Where is it? It is crucial to this experiment.'
'I don't kn...
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A Dragon's Flight
(Y/N) was on the run for most of her life. Being one of the only dragon/human hybrids, of course she was lonely. The only people she knew were her two dragons. One day, her life is thrust into overdrive when Maka, Black*Star, a...
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