A Dragon's Flight

(Y/N) was on the run for most of her life. Being one of the only dragon/human hybrids, of course she was lonely. The only people she knew were her two dragons. One day, her life is thrust into overdrive when Maka, Black*Star, and Death The Kid corner her. (A ReaderxDTK story)

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Chapter 1.

The Beginning of it All

A/N: Ok, this is my first story. It might suck, it might be good, but I hope you enjoy it. Until next time, my dragonets!

      "What's the status, Saphira?" The evil demon dragon, Talismer, was chasing me. Again.
     "He's about 15 feet behind us, running at 3 mph, and at 4.5 feet per second," my sapphire colored dragon answered. She is one of my two guardians, who have been following me around for most of my li-
     "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT, (Y/N)!!" Talismer's shriek cut through my thoughts.
     "NO! I ALREADY TOLD YOU, I DON'T NEED POWER!" Geez! Can this guy take 'no' for an answer? "Ruby! I need you to scout ahead for a bus stop or something of the like."
     "On it!" My other ruby colored guardian answered. She transformed from a bracelet on my wrist into a 6 foot tall dragon. I looked behind me for a brief moment. Talismer was now 20 feet behind us. So now, all I have to do is...
     "Dragon tail!" I yelled. Behind me, my (F/C) tail grew translucent chinks floating around it, like armor. The chinks grew until they were twice the size of my body. I rushed at Talismer, hoping to startle him.  I quickly and efficiently slammed my tail into his torso, stunning him momentarily and flinging him into the wall behind him. "Ha ha!" I laughed at him. He was in a pile of rubble, and a 10 foot tall dragon imprint was in the wall.
     "I found one!" Ruby circled over my head, pointing at something to the left of me. I ran and rolled to my left; hopefully Talismer doesn't wake up yet. I saw a bus stop ahead of me with a bus in front of it, but the doors were closing!
     "Wait! Please!" I just barely made it inside. Everyone gave me quizzical looks, but I ignored them. I suspected that the dirty or suspicious looks came from meisters or weapons. After all, a dragon's soul wavelength is similar to a witch's wavelength. With Saphira and Ruby in their bracelet form, I sat down next to a nice young lady. "Excuse me, but I have forgotten where this bus is heading. Could you please tell me?"
     "Oh, I have too. But I think this bus is heading to a place called Death City." She smiled sweetly at me. I could tell she's faking it. She tried unsuccessfully to glance at my tail without me noticing. I quickly hid it behind my back and nodded at her. The bus started to move. I swear I heard Talismer roar in fury or disappointment a couple seconds later. Either way, it didn't matter. I was heading away from him.
     'Did you hear Talismer, you guys?'
     'Yeah, he sounds like a hatchling!'
     'I know, right?'
     I was mentally communicating with my guardians. For some reason, we have been able to do this for as long as I remember. About halfway to Death City, I dozed off and eventually fell asleep.

A/N:(again) So, how was the first chapter? I need feedback!  The next chapter will be about your past. Until next time, my dragonets!
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Hey, I started reading this on Quuotev months ago...I loved it...
Thanks. If you don't mind me asking, what's your username on Quuotev?
There are two of them, TheDragonWriter and Stained Silver.
on June 25, 2015
on June 25, 2015
on June 25, 2015