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Ask my Oc's (New)
Hello everyone! This is my new Ask my Oc's. the old one kin- *yelling* wait a moment *runs off**you hear screams and muffled bangs**runs back* as I was saying The old one kind of stunk so I made this new one! I hope you like it!
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*a staticy audio starts**you hear a man’s voice start to speak* It happens sometimes. You will be playing a game and all of a sudden it will do something it is not supposed to. That is a glitch. Some glitches are big and some a...
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When Time Stops
Well here it is guys! Please tell me if you like it or not! i'm kind of new at this whole writing thing...So yea please read and Review!
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Random Poems
well I made this because sometimes I randomly think up poems and I wanted to share them with you guys!
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About My OC Maya
This is a story that is about all my oc Maya. I'm not very good at writing so if I misspell something I am sorry.
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Ask my Oc's! (1)
Well I got bored and made this. Well it says I have to write more so... Taco Cat. Taco Cat. Random sauce... there that's all I need to write!
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my chat with cleverbot
I was bored so I made this. Oh I need more words. blah blah blah. candy!go team Leo! Yay I have candy.
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