*a staticy audio starts**you hear a man’s voice start to speak* It happens sometimes. You will be playing a game and all of a sudden it will do something it is not supposed to. That is a glitch. Some glitches are big and some are small. Some time you don't even notice them. But with her that is almost impossible. You always notice her glitches. And if you don't...- *you hear the man scream and the audio cuts out**as the audio cuts off you can slightly hear two kids, a boy and a girl laughing softly*

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~AN: I'm just gonna give ya'll a heads up before you read this that in the later chapters it will be a bit(or more) bloody because this is a CreepyPasta about my oc Glitch, so yea, if you don't like blood and stuff(or if you think it may trigger you) then I suggest you not to read this, if you don't care about al that stuff then carry on! :3~

What did he do...?

What did I do...?!

I back up slowly, staring at the body in fear. I put my right hand over my mouth and drop the bloody knife in my left. Did I-I just kill him....?

My name is Anna and this is how I slowly went insane....

~*A year ago*~

"Anna! Are you finished unpacking?" My Mother yells to me from downstairs "yea, mom!" I yell back as I put the last book in my bookshelf. Smiling I grab my white hoodie, slip it on, and slide down to my mom on the stairs railing. Grabbing my phone off the kitchen counter I say to my mom "I gonna go meet some of the other kids in the neighborhood, Okay?" she chuckles "Okay, just be home before dinner" " 'Kay " I smile and run out the front door. I hop onto my green skateboard and ride down the street, humming my favorite song, 'Bring me to Life' by evansense while looking at all the other houses. At one of the houses I pass by I see a boy with blond hair and a green shirt hanging upside down in a tree. He seems bored and kinda lonely so I ride up to him on my skateboard. "Hi!" I say "I'm Anna" "Hey, I'm Benjamin but you can call me Ben" I smile. " M'kay Ben" I say "What do you like to do? I love playing video games" "What? Me too!" He says. "Awesome!!" I say as we high-five. "What's your favorite video game?" I ask. "Majora's mask" "Me too! Wow we have a lot of things in common!" We high-five again "Yea" He starts to smile and I smile back. Wow he's cute! Wait....what am I thinking! I just met this guy! Don't think like that Anna! Stay strong! "sooo" I say "wanna play some video games with me at my house?" "Sure" he says "Just let me tell my dad" Then he jumps out of the tree and runs over to the house. As he was gone I got out my phone and texted my mom. <Anna: Hey, Mom? Mom: Yea? Anna: Can my new friend come over so we can play video games together? Mom: If their parents say ok then yes. Anna: Ok! :3> he runs back over as I put my phone away "what did he say?" I ask. "He said I could. Is it fine with your parents?" "Yea" "Then let’s go!" "Ok!" and we break into a run, Ben staying close behind me. When we get to my house I yell "I'm home!" And start to walk over to the stairs. "Come on, Ben!" "Coming!" I run up the stairs and into my room with ben following "this is my room!" "It’s cool" he say while looking at all the different video game posters on my walls and I smile. I sit on the floor and turn on my Wii "what game do you want to play?" "Mario Kart?" "Sure!" I put the game in and start it up.


After many races I start to hear my stomach growl, and a little bit later I could hear Ben's stomach start to growl too. I pause the game and look over at Ben "wanna go get some snacks??" "Yea!" "M'kay let’s go!" I run downstairs and he follows. I walk over to the pantry and grabs some Pringles and some Cheetos. I hold the up for Ben to see, one in each hand "which do you want?" "Cheetos!" "Kay" I throw the bag over to him and he catches it out of the air. He opens them and says "Thanks" I smile and say "No prob" he looks at the clock and says “Crap! I gotta go!” “Bye!” I yell as he runs out the door. “Bye” he yells back. As soon as he is gone I run upstairs and start to play my favorite LOZ game.
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