Lyra had just walked into town, attempting to find the interview building so she could get her job as a detective as quickly as possible.
WiFi jogged up to her. “Heya!”
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Also, I forgot to mention this, but please don't get mad if I don't choose yours. Also, this story will be PG, so don't make them have gross or inappropriate names, back stories, or traits. Thank you! I'll only choose four of you so good luck ^_^
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Give meh characters^_^
This story is about Demi gods, gods, and monsters. But for right now, I'll need some elemental gods! I need water, fire, earth, and wind! I already made two characters, Lobos and Gatos, so now I'll choose four of some of YOURS!...
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Tell me what ya think, gimme feedback c:
A story of a young child and her two pet cats, the child, Lee, believes that she is seeing Ghosts, or as she describes them, "Almost Invisible People". Whenever she feels like something is watching her, the cats always act up. ...
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