How To Make: A Warrior Cats OC

Today, I'll tell you how to make a good warrior cats OC! Tell me if you want more "How To's" and I'll make more of which how to you want! Plus I'll give a shoutout to whoever suggests anything!

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Chapter 1.

The Look

Well, first, think of what your OC looks like. For this, I'll use a white canvas to start our cat out. Now, we need to decide a good pelt for this cat. Let's start with the base color. Now, some oc's I've seen have been a strange color, such as blue or pink.. That just isn't right! We need to think of a good, realistic color. Brown is always a good way to go, but some other ways are grey, black, ginger, silver, white, or tan/sandy. But for this cat, we'll use brown. Now for markings. Markings add a lot of personality to how the cats look, so you always need to choose a good pattern for your markings. Stripes or dapples are the most common ones I've seen, but if you want to make a creative OC, you could try giving it stripes & dapples on the body, but with unique markings on the forehead and under the eyes. Such as tiger looking markings, or dots below the eyes. These are all great ways to go. If you are planning on making a specific breed such as a cat with no hair(I think they are called either bald cats or sphinx cats, but I can't remember..) then none of this apply's and the only markings you'll need are wrinkles. Also, you should consider adding scars, too. It makes your cat seem like a devoted warrior, or a grumpy, scrawny medic. For our cat we will give it a big scar on its back. Our cat is brown with darker brown markings and a scar on its back. Reminds me of Tigerstar!
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