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Poetry Book!
I've loved poetry for more than I can remember. Whenever I feel turned down, it's always been there for me. In my opinion, nothing is better than a mind overflowing with ideas that scream to be written down. Just keep in mind...
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Silkworms (A Hunger Games Spin-Off)
It is all over now. The Capitol has fallen, District Thirteen has risen in triumph, and everything has gone back to normal. Really? How did they think it was going to last? How could they have thought the Capitol would have bee...
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One Decision
WARNING–BTS JIKOOK FANFICTION. CONTAINS SWEARING. MAY CONTAIN SMUT. When a group of people genetically altered escape a government building, Jimin needs to make one decision that will change his life. Should he stay alive and l...
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What Would BTS Do If... (1)
Sorry about the misleading title, Qfeast wouldn't let me put in the word "chat" in my title. This is what I think BTS would write in a group chat! (This story is for humor, it is non-canon and I'm not trying to offend anyone) E...
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Cheon Sung Ji
This is the story of the maknae in Shooting Star's newest girl group, Sugar. (Yes, I stole @Taekook's company, and yes, I got her permission.) You may know the shy girl who doesn't talk too much in interviews/crazy, cheerful ki...
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Young Forever
Seven friends struggle through life together, swerving dangerously close to rash decisions and pulling through hard times. When one finally gives up...will the others follow? (This is a BTS Theory) Members on the pic (left to r...
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Game Ideas-5 Nights with the Doll
So I'm deciding to make a new series called Game Ideas...I will put in what the game is about and how to beat it...I would make the game but I can't animate for my life. If someone saw this and knows how to animate, please, ple...
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The Player's Guide to FNaF 3
I'm starting with this one because it's the one I've recently played. Welcome to the guide! Warning: SPOILERS! This will show you how to get past the nights, a little info on the animatronics, and the secret "good ending". Happ...
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5 Nights At Freddy's--The Untold Story
It starts off normally. A young girl decides to become a security guard at the pizzaria down the street. But when she finds the horrible truth behind the animatronics, she knows she isn't going to stay there for just 5 nights. ...
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You Need To Survive
When one of the seven friends die, the other six must chose life over death. (This is a BTS theory) Members in the pic: (left to right) J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon, Jin, Taehyung
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BTS theory
I hate BTS's new music video. Why? Because it contradicts all my theories! Oh well. I have a new theory, so all's good.
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I Have No Idea What To Call This
It's the 36th Hunger Games. A young girl named Joule Marshall volunteers chosen as tribute...
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There are resurrected ones walking by us. No one knows who they are. Now, a group of scientists want them-they are trying to find the secret to immortal life... Note: I'm not done yet.
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