Young Forever

Young Forever

Seven friends struggle through life together, swerving dangerously close to rash decisions and pulling through hard times. When one finally gives up...will the others follow? (This is a BTS Theory) Members on the pic (left to right): Taehyung, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Namjoon

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Chapter 1.
If I Die Young

If I Die Young

        "Come on! You guys are so slow!"
        Taehyung and Namjoon ran ahead of the others, laughing as they went. The other five were gasping, trying to keep up over the grassy field.
        "How much farther?" Jimin gasped.
        "Almost there!!" Taehyung called back.
        They reached the ocean, where a long pier was sticking its tongue out, desperate to drink in some of the salt water. Namjoon stopped here first, sitting at the edge and dangling his legs. Taehyung, laughing, came and sat next to him. J-Hope and Jimin came next, collapsing over the railings and trying to catch their breath. Suga had promptly collapsed, and Jungkook was half carrying him, half running, always complaining. "Hyung, why are you so HEAVY??!"
        Jin came in last, jogging slowly. Everyone had noticed that there was something strange about him, like he was getting more and more distant from the others. He sat down next to Taehyung and smiled softly at him. "You're very fast," he said.
        Taehyung started to laugh again. "Thanks, hyung!"
        Jin only smiled back, then turned his gaze back to the ocean. He pointed out. "Jungkook, look. A seagull!"
        Jungkook, who just reached, dropped Suga and went over to where Jin was. He laughed. "It's me!"
        Suga got up from the ground and walked over to where they were. He stretched and yawned. "Does anyone want to jump in?"
        J-Hope looked at Suga like he was crazy. "Jump in the ocean?"
        Suga nodded. "Yeah, just jump!"
        Jimin suddenly reached out and grabbed Suga's hand, pulling him to the edge of the pier. Suga protested. "Wait, I didn't mean-"
        Too late, Jimin jumped, pulling Suga with him.
        Taehyung fell over, laughing. He followed them, leaping into the water.
        Suga's head appeared. "This is my one good jacket..." he complained. Jungkook smiled and jumped too, splashing Namjoon and Suga, who erupted with a slew of curses.
        "COLD!" Taehyung screamed.
        Namjoon shrugged, then followed them.
        Jin just stared coldly, quietly refused their beckoning. He sighed and looked up. Why had he agreed to come with them? That would just make his decision harder. But he had to do it. He couldn't live through his suffering while they were enjoying themselves. Watching them only reminded him of what he did–
        That's it. He had to go.
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