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continuing the ginki
same thing as the ginki just kept writing it, hope you like it its really cool
13 reads 10 readers 6 by mikycamry
the ginki
kind of a fanasty/romance not to flashy and its pretty cool if i do say so myself
25 reads 15 readers 10 by mikycamry
The bell wicth
a true ghost story only here! the bell wucth a true ghost story, comment if you like!
51 reads 47 readers 24 by Mythsandlegends
Dogs of darkness
there are many myths about were wolfs and ghost dogs so if you have one tell me the name and i will read it then i will wright about it so oters can read it to!
43 reads 38 readers 28 profile storyby Mythsandlegends
Favrite Greak myths!
there are many greak myths and i will be telling you them please comment!!!!
20 reads 19 readers 9 by Mythsandlegends
Myth of lady of the lake!
i do storys that are myths in other countrys. like this one it takes place in wales!
62 reads 58 readers 29 profile storyby Mythsandlegends
Days of my life!
just a story i wanted to do! its about a girl and her life is a real life movie. oh ya and no its not my life!
51 reads 24 readers 14 by Megan3636
Hunger games in my eyes!
This is what my hunger games whould be like!!!! And there is a new main charater named Susan!
42 reads 25 readers 30 by Megan3636