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Shattered Glass
An artist that locks herself away likes the peace and quiet. Which is why when she gets a new neighbour, she wants to jam a paintbrush in his ears. Why? The musician next door doesn't know how to shut windows when playing instr...
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When you try to make a story
When you try to make a story but accidentally make it the entire Deceleration of Independence
15 reads 12 readers 3 by Prussian_Mistake
Narnian Ships
My boi loves some spicy Narnian ships So I got chu bro I got chu Random ship things of Noognians
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List of all the Genders
Enjoy, I honestly don't even know why I decided to make this. Oh well. Whatever. Just try and read all the these
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Fantasy Stories
These stories are based off of a Youtubers account, Brandon and Derek Fiechter. They create instrumental music. Each chapter is named after a song they made. I create the stories, they create the music
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Just A Normal Hetalian Conversation
End me now this conversation is just...end me. I'm ready to return back to Hell...I'm sorry to all readers
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Hetalia Human Conspiracy Theory
Have you ever heard of it? All of the nations used to be humans, but died in a certain way. After they died, they went into a heaven-like world..not really they're just in a new world of where they're nations. They're all dying...
25 reads 8 readers 5 by Prussian_Mistake
I'm Coming Home
Holy Roman Empires last moments What will he think about? I think we all know
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Idiot Hero
Hurt/comfort ZeLink because it was Bree Beans birthday and she wanted one ;0 Story Trade with Bean
4 reads 4 readers 1 by Prussian_Mistake
Hetalia Middle School
There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.
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Spirits (2)
It is 1774, a year before the Revolutionary War Arthur Kirkland is waiting in London, waiting for his ecstatic lover, Alfred F. Jones to return from his journey from the mass of land of the Colonies. His excitement of Alfred re...
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Darkwood Circus
An Rp Angel and I had a while back (we still Rp it today) about a ring leader named Jack and a run away named Angel who meet in a circus, and eventually grow fond of each other. I put what I remember and honestly I don't rememb...
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No this is bad
Northern and Southern Narnia were basically harmless. They hardly ever got into a fight, and if they did, it was nothing huge. There was only one war between them, but it was never spoken of. Other than that, they never had to ...
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Monster of a Hero
Based off Danish Slaughterhouse (link if you want to read it) https:/ / We own nothing of the theme of the story, but we do own this story line. It's basically a crack ab...
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Hetalia Character Songs
I own non of these songs Qfeast so I swear to Andy if you delete this because of copywrite or some shit I will hunt you down Anyways, these are Character songs to the Countries in Hetalia Enjoy the heartbreaking, sad, emotional...
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Black Butler Online!
Well I decided to make something funnily stupid! So heres Black Butler online!
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AlliceTeea and My Conversations! Part 2!
AlliceTeea and I have the weirdest conversations! So I want to make a story to share the weirdness to the world! This is part two to this! So enjoy out random shit!
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Alice in Wonderland?
Alice goes mad in the real world, and ends up going to Wonderland once more, only to realize that Wonderland is anything but full of magic
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