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Hachishakusama story! Idk wth I should write now gdytevf, blah blah blah
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Kuchisake Onna
It is a Japanese urban legend about a woman with a slit mouth. She will go around the streets asking "Am I pretty?"
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I want rep points
Pls read this umm... "story" because I want rep points so no ads! abcdefg!
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MLP OC Story
So, mlp oc contest is created for this. I read your characters and use them. UNFINISHED, PLS WAIT PATIENTLY!
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What happened after BATIM chapter 4?
Another angel, called Allison, killed Alice. Did Alice angel die? Read to find out.
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How to be an alicorn princess?
In the lands of equestria has different creatures like ponies and griffons. There are different types of ponies, one of them is alicorn. It is hard to be one but you can. How? Let me show you about my adventures!
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Fluffle puff's life with poptarts
Hiya! I decided to let fluffle puff do this! yep! this will be so funny with chrysalis! wait... chrysalis?! And it has a creepy ending. Only read on Friday the thirteenth at 3 am. Okay, just kidding! Read anytime, anywhere!
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