Kuchisake Onna

It is a Japanese urban legend about a woman with a slit mouth. She will go around the streets asking "Am I pretty?"

published on March 2219 reads 5 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Going home

  "Ayako, are you sure we should walk home this way? It is already night." Aiko asked. "It will be fine, don't be a scaredy cat!" Ayako teased. "Come on Ayako, you know that Aiko believes in the legends your parents had told her, right?" Ayumi said, trying to calm Ayako down.

  "What kind of legends do you believe in, Aiko? Mom never tells me about those stuff." Ayako asked. "Well, there are many. Rokuro-Kubi, Nekekubi, red room." Aiko replied. "Hmm... I don't think you know about Kuchisake Onna, right Aiko?" Ayumi asked. "Yeah, what is Kuchisake Onna anyway?" Aiko said.
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Comments (2)

If you say “no” she’ll kill you with scissors and if you say “yes” she’ll take off her mask and ask again.
on March 26
on March 22