Look what personality I've got! What about you? Ahahahhaha
Completly insane!!!!!
You are 100% insane!!! You probably hear voices in your head, you are seen talking to yourself. I bet you zone out sometimes, get lost in your own mind. There are reasons for this... Are you a writer? Read a lot? Don't like the situation you're in? If not, find a mental institution and run there as fast as you can!!!
on September 04, 2016
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Are you insane? (2)
Hii I'm insanely insane and Thi sis my first quiz I hope you enjoy! So this is are you insane
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on September 04, 2016
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Are you insane?
Hei have you ever thought you where crazy and wanted to find out if you were?
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on September 04, 2016