Are you insane? (2)

Hii I'm insanely insane and Thi sis my first quiz I hope you enjoy! So this is are you insane

published on September 04, 201630 responses 7 4.0★ / 5

Do you talk to yourself?

Yes, I do. Like all the time

Do you hear voices in your head?

Mhm Sally right now is saying "BURN EVERYTHING" (me: sammmeezes)
No all I hear is people around me, talking
No not often

Alone or crowds

Alone, that's when I like to talk to my voices

RP TIME!!! So you are waiting for a train, five guys fell and now are stuck on the rail way, a tall fat man is I front of you. Do you push him in and kill him or kill the five people?

kill..him I guess

How often do you go to social events?

Never I like being alone with my voices

So your at Christmas dinner, do you ignor your family members or talk to them

Talk to them duuuh
Ignor, ignor, ignor