Are you insane?

Are you insane?

Think you're insane? Someone else think you're insane? Do you know you're insane and are wondering how obvious it is? Or just wanting to pass by the time? Take this quiz!!!

published on January 26, 2011699 responses 192
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Why did you take this test?

I want to prove I'm not crazy just smart.
Most the voices told me to, the other voice isn't to nice.
I wanted too, I think.
Because, I am told I am crazy but i don't know....

How many times have you taken this quiz?

This is the first time. Taking it again would be stupid, I can't change my personality.
More than 3, I wasn't paying attention the first few times.
This would be the second time the first time I just clicked on random answers.
A few. The voices got jealous and wanted to take it too.

What's your favorite color?

Black... Red... Blue... Green...
Silence... wait I wasn't listening.
I don't have a favorite color. That seems childish.
I woul tell you but this color doesn't exist.
Plane! Wait what was the question?

Do you hear voices in your head?

Those are in my head?????
Yes they can be rude.
No... I don't think so... I don't stay still long enough to listen.
Yes, what they say comes out MY mouth though.
If you are referring to my thoughts then yes.

How many relationships have you been in, in the last month?

Real ones, or the ones I make up?
I don't count my exes!
I do not have time for that.
two... Each!!!
A couple maybe... They said I was weird though.

What's your favorite candy?

EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME SOME!!!!!!!!
I don't eat candy.
M&MS... Lollipop... Skittels... Pixie stix!

Do you talk to your pet?

I don't have one. What if I'm alergic?
No I chase it!
One of us dose...
all the time, and they talk back.
Yes. They can't be mean.

Where would you go if money wasn't an object?

U.K. (cute boys with cute accents!). No Paris. Hollywood!! Would you guys shut up and let ME answer?
Away from the people who call me crazy!
Anywhere as long as it isn't to far and I have plenty to do.
The first plane away from here!
I would have to think this through...

Have you ever eat dirt?

No I am not stupid.
Wait let me ask the others
I was HUNGRY!!!!

When you rite something do you check your spelling?

No. Life is to short for that!
No. I think about.... Nevermind
That's not my job. I have one of the voices in my head do it. (Sally is this right?)
I don't need to. But I do anyway.
No I don't like sitting still that long

What is bothering you right now?

Nothing! Everything is perfect!
That this test is so long.
That depends... Which one of us are you talking to?
That no one listens to the crazy girl!
That I am wasting my time taking this quiz when I have better things I could be doing.

AYC... Are You Crazy?

The voices are to loud I didn't catch that question.
Yeah. I have reasons...
No maybe weird...
AYC? That is absurd!
No. Are YOU?