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Who was the absolute worst person you've had to deal with?
Category: continents and travels because I know there are bicthes and aholes around the globe. (But my question is, what did they do that made you hate them?)
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What kind of car did Jesus drive?
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What is the worst you've ever been sick?
How can I make a second qfeast account?
How was your first day at school?!
School woohoo!
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What bad thing do you think fiction glamourizes way too much?
Does anyone else notice how movies and books sometimes take a thing like cancer, addiction, homelessness, or being mean and make it look desirable? (Sometimes it bothers me, and sometimes it works) But what they're doing--- 99%...
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What is a vegemite (veggiemight?) sandwich?
You know that song by Men At Work? The one about Australia? Yee, any o'you know what they meant by that lyric?
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What are the best lyrics you ever heard?
Why is Mario Kart used in every fluff fanfic ever?
No, i, serious. Why is it this game and no other, that shows up in fanfiction when the author wants the characters to bond. Did Nintendo make it illegal to write about any other game in fanfiction? O_o
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Who's your favorite story time animator(s)?
Mines James, Swoozie, and Don the Jamaican sauce god. Yeah I love the originals more than the newer channels (but my YoungDon is kino and my Its Detergent is also kino, but she's an animated critic like Digby)
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Should I volunteer at a hospital?
Yeah. I really want to volunteer there when in 15, which is the minimum age requirement. My actual question is "What is volunteering in a hospital like?" But I figured this question would've gotten more attention and then it wo...
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Are there any good boy names meaning "sarcasm", "expressive", or "apathy"?
I get the feeling I spelled apathy wrong.
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Has anyone ever told you, "You look like Beyonce"?
Uh, someone that wasn't me?
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Have you ever written a character based off yourself or someone you know?
I got this question idea from somewhere... not important
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