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The Winter Staff
Octavia Starr was bound to be a Witch Hunter. It was her ultimate destiny. When she teams up with her oddball pal, Myra, to defeat the Winter Witch, secrets, betrayals, and romance unfolds.
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The Nameless
Anders lives in a society that make you change who you are every five years. New face, new name, new memories. You do this until you have gone through this ten times. But, many people do not want to change, these are the Namele...
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Secret Life of A Slytherin
Rae didn't want to be a Slytherin. McKenzie and Miles didn't want to be paired together by friends. Omar wanted to be someone else, while Paris was so accepting of herself she was hated because of it. In this story, find out ho...
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New Moons (Mia X Hunter)
Mia, a loyal servant to her lady, Artemis, and part of her Hunt, meets a boy during one of their stays at Camp Half-Blood. Little does she know that he might be the love of her life.
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Gretchen, Talia, and Winnie get all caught up in a Bully Battle. Will they learn that it's the differences that bring people together?
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Qfeast News Issue 4 (June 29-July 5)
Wow, issue 4 already! Sorry it's a week late, but now it's out! Yay! Thanks to all of the readers!
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Qfeast News (June 8-14)
Hello all! It's Gryffie again with issue 2 of Qfeast News! Thanks for reading! Remember, we're still looking for advice letters, poems, and more!
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Qfeast News (June 1-8 2015)
Hello all! I'm TheGryffindorMockingjay reporting for Qfeast News! We are looking for editors and reporters so PM me if you'd like to become one.
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The Children of the night
Meet the six children of the night! Learn their personalities, what the like and dislike!
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