New Moons (Mia X Hunter)

New Moons (Mia X Hunter)

Mia, a loyal servant to her lady, Artemis, and part of her Hunt, meets a boy during one of their stays at Camp Half-Blood. Little does she know that he might be the love of her life.

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Chapter 1.


The sun on the peak of Half-Blood Hill was beautiful. The pine tree with the Golden Fleece was thriving. Artemis left us to gather new recruits from Camp Half-Blood. Chiron said that there were tons of eager girls, ready to join. I looked over at Evie. Her bleach-blonde hair getting brighter in the sunrise. She looked over at me. She knew me. She knew I never really liked when we went to recruit girls. I didn't like when the hunter count was high. I always thought it was too crowded. Some of the girls were already moving down the hill. Evie started moving, but I didn't. She looked back at me.
"Mia. Let's go," she said. I nodded. Did I want to? No. I hated this, but I was loyal to Lady Artemis, and I had to.
I followed Evie down the hill. I noticed the Big House instantly. The mix-matched stories made the building that much more memorable. Chiron and Dionysus where playing a card game as usual. Chiron turned around.
"Ah, girls, I was wondering when you would arrive. Some of our female campers were very eager to join once they heard tell that you were recruiting. Especially a few from the Apollo cabin," he said. We all smiled. Everyone knew Artemis would be thrilled when she heard that these were daughters of her brother, wanting to join her.
"Where is Lady Artemis?" he asked.
"She is in Georgia. She said that there was some sort of problem there. Nothing too big, so she said she'd go there alone. She should be back in a few days. Told us to just stay here till she gets back," Arielle told him. Chiron nodded.
I looked at the clock above the door of the Big House. It read 7:00 A.M. Campers would be coming for breakfast any second now.
Just as I thought, cabin doors began to open, and campers came filing out. They sat down at their tables, barely even noticing us. Chiron stomped a hoof on the concrete.
"I'd like to welcome some special guests that will be staying here for a few days, the Hunters of Artemis!"
The campers clapped blandly. I didn't mind. Most hunters didn't care for the Half-Bloods, and the other way around. Me, on the other hand, couldn't possibly care less. I also noticed that about ten young girls beamed. They looked, happy, almost excited. I figured these were the girls that were joining.
I surveyed where they ate. I looked at the campers at each table. One boy notably caught my eye. He sat at the Demeter table, and all the girls were swooning over him.
I giggled. Evie looked at me.
"What is it?" she asked. I pointed.
"Those silly girls, swooning over that boy," I replied. She giggled just like me.
"Yes, but remember that used to be you," she said. She was right. I used to be madly in love, but a broken heart led to me to my fate.
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Chapter 6 tho
on July 20, 2017
The fact that simply because of my username, I could approve this XD
on October 05, 2016