The Nameless

The Nameless

Anders lives in a society that make you change who you are every five years. New face, new name, new memories. You do this until you have gone through this ten times. But, many people do not want to change, these are the Nameless, and they are sent to live in exile because they are not what the Government tells them to be. As Anders approaches her third Change, she must decide what she wants to do, join the Nameless, or be a pawn of the Government.

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Chapter 1.


Every five years we have a Change. You are given new memories, a new body, and a new name. Everyone in our society has ten Changes before they can live the rest of their lives. Well, not everyone. The Government does not have to. Neither do the Caretakers, who are responsible for a child after their parents have gone through the change. You might think why would people even go through the Change if you have to give up your life? Because if not, you are part of the Nameless. You must live in exile with no food, no shelter, and no way to provide for yourself. The Government says it's because many people become upset with their lives after awhile. That everyone needs a change very once in a while. The Nameless say differently. They do not agree with the Government, and they want to see their downfall. But I am indifferent, and I do not care.
        I am Anders Love, and I am about to have my third Change.
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