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What was your first Anime/manga you read/watched?
lol Mine was Peach girl, it was a really good anime series :) to tell you the truth~
69 / 15 by kierra.shioya.5
Good usernames
If you think of a username post it here for people to use.
7 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
Why did you choose your username?
52 / 23 by AllinPink
How Will The World End?
There are some things in life that we may never find out. One of them is how the world will end. What do you guys think?
12 / 9 by ThatGuyDylan
What's your favorite song by Katy Perry?
Mine is Roar (don't judge me)
6 / 2 by Cassandra_the_Hedgehog
how do you say "excuse me"? (1)
22 / 23 by LHAnderson
How do you feel for gay relations?
I wanna know what your opinion is!
127 / 681 by HeroRealSkylarV4