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Hasta La Vista, Children
Yeah yeah yeah, I don't have much time. And I'm not a happy camper about this or anything that's been going on. Just read it.
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The Voice In Her Head
The first day of any job is never the easiest. Especially when your job is life threatening. When you work as a psychologist at a mental institution. And she was assigned a certain patient. This one was different from the res...
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Make A Move
I can't write a description. That'll give away, and we both know I can't do that. Just read the story, it'll all make sense later. Creepypasta OC?: [ ] Yes, of course! What did you expect? [ ] No, I have enough for now. [✓] M...
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The Obstacles We Face And The Walls We Walk Into
So, long title, eh? I like it! Anyways, CREEPY-FREAKING-PASTA OC TIME! So, this is about my newest OC that some of you may have heard of. Ya know, the one I had god dang technical difficulties uploading on my wall? Either way,...
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I can't explain much without giving spoilers, but I am creating this story because my twin cousins recently got a Ouija Board for their birthday (October 3). We tried it out, but it wouldn't work until it became late at night. ...
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High BEN And Balloon Rush
This was just a random story I came up with. It might help me with my Writer's Block if I write something so random and creative like this... So, why don't you get started on reading this craziness?
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Creepypastas React!
I love TheFineBros and their kids, teens, youtubers, and elders react. I saw FandomLover made a story for Sonic characters to react, so I went to see if there was a Creepypastas react. Apparently not! So, I made it for the heck...
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Is this just some random bulling story? No. It is worse than any bulling story. At least, this is what it seems to be. An unknown kid is bullied, and yes, his name is unknown. Everyone calls him U though. Why? I don't know? His...
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Facts You Probably Didn't know
These are just some facts I got off the internet. The website was http://www.interestingfacts.net/10-interesting-facts/ so if you want more, there you go! I'm not adding all of the ones that are on there. I'll add a few from al...
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Insanity Can't Be Understood
I made a new OC (Not suprizing) named Tundra. He changed his name from how he became a ghost and why he did what he did (which is explained). He comes to the Pasta house, not knowing that it has all his insane friends. Tundra: ...
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