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How do you think the Mulan live action will be?
So,let me just say somethings. . . .theres no songs and Li Shang has been replaced,like his character is gone,poof. This,tbh,bothers me a lot to a point where I dont care about it :/
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Any 1st Concert Tips?
So,this weekend I'll be going to be my first concert and im super pummped but nervous at the same time.Ive already looked up a bunch of tips but Im not really satisfied with it all.I need some more advice :/ Since I(possibly)wi...
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Have you seen Shelter?
By Porter Robinson and Madeon And if so,did you like it or find it interesting or. . . .? (Its an anime kind of music video which was made between English,French,and Japanese artists.Full offical video in comments for those who...
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Thoughts on Hamilton?
Life. Reason why I live. Its just so amazing i cant beileve it made me curious about how the nation was discovered and all that and have you seen/heard Lin?Like omg i cant beileve how precious and amazing he is
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How's your year going?
Mines fine I geuss.
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Have you gotten Amino?
This is an app that allows you to get into communities with your interest in mind.This app also lets you comunicate with other people who like what you like.Also you can always change your profile in one community while in the ...
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Have you gotten Pewdiepie:Tuber Simulator?
I have it,and it's pretty cool.Yeah,I know it's like the computer YouTuber simulator but I don't care since this is better,in my opinion.And if you don't like pewdiepie,it's cool,I understand
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What are your thoughts on the saying "Blood is thicker than water"?
I honestly dislike this phrase,it's just misleading
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What do you think of Pokemon Go! so far?
I personally think it's pretty great so far.Im glad I don't have to use real money,I had heard that might have been the case,and I'm excited to use this app on a trip I'm going.My sisters are currently obsessed.Its pretty awesome.
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How's your summer going?
Mines pretty boring and upseting,I geuss.Im just going through the motions,waiting for my trip to come around.How are your guys'?I'm hoping it's been better than mine.
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Which kinds of Dere's do you like?
Sooo,I think I'm into Tsunderes XD IDFK I'm supposedly a Deredere,qnd maybe a bit Tsundere
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What do YOU consider to be a Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
I want to know what your definition of a Mary Sue is.Theres always a deeper meaning to something,even a Mary Sue(& Gary Stu). (Lila particularly tried to be a Mary Sue in a way.Cant say I hate her though.)
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Anyone know a Japanese boy name that ends with -ha?
I need specific name like this cause I'm writing something and I can't find any Japanese boy names that end with -ha.I really need help.
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What are some quizzes/stroies/ect. that have made you cringe or upset?
I can think of a few but I can't remember their names.
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What class do you think was/is the most dangerous/risky one you have/had?
I think PE for me.I mean if there was an attacker or something and I was outside with no where to hide,I'd get killed easily.Unless they were after someone else than maybe I would have a chance.
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What do you think is the difference between being smart and logical? Is there a difference?
So,there's different kinds of 'being smart'.There's school smart,street smart,and etc. I'm focusing mostly on school and street smart.Id like to know what others think.
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Who's your senpai?Real and/or fictional?
I'm just wondering since I bearly have any.
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Do you think I have the right to offended by something that's rude but true?
The other day I was texting a friend of mine about her boy problems(I talk to a lot of friends about their boy problems and just problems in general).While texting I kept thinking about how she was making things more complicate...
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How many original stories do you have?And are any of them connected?
So,I have at least 5-6 unfinished stories.Two are connected to one universe,some other two are connected to this universe,and the last two are alone.Like I swear,I have so many OCs and story ideas and all this 'decent' crap but...
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Do you ever feel like someone/thing really mean/horrible/annyoing has to be fake?
I'm just asking cause I'm really annyoed with something that I can't believe annys me so much.
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