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  • If you're reading this;thanks.I just want to say sorry if I ever come off as annyoing or anything,I'm just like that.Im also pretty cringy honestly. . . .Anyway,that's enough of my stupid insecurities!Soooo,schools a big part in my life. . . .yeah. . . .it's not that great XD
    (If I offend you in any way,im sorry,it was not my intention.Unless it was.But I'm sure we'll get along :) )
    Something To Remember:
    Dont always get upset with someone complaining about a 'small' thing in their lives,even if you or someone else has worse problems.Why?Cause maybe they have problems just as bad as you do,but they just don't say.Maybe complaining about a 'small' thing is the only way they can get their frustrations out.Not everyone is brave enough to talk about their personal lives and problems.

    ---------'Fun' facts:
    ~I'm a girl
    ~Loves to sing
    ~I want to travel around the world
    ~If I die I'll leave everything to my dog
    ~I prefer the cold most of the times
    ~Never dated(Probably cause of my trust issues and just myself in general)
    ~Complains irl maybe more than I should
    ~I love almost anything after giving it a try
    ~I'm stupid
    ~Socially awkward
    ~Obsessed with reading fantasy and romance books
    ~When I give advice to someone IDK,I get so worried that I'll give you bad advice and ruin everything XD/I also fix all my attention onto the conversation so I don't do anything wrong
    ~Currently learning French in honor of Miraculous Ladybug and France
    ~I may be demisexual/asexual(Friend's Theroy)(Honestly don't know/care)
    ~If you don't like me,it's understandable,just please don't do anything stupid

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