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Blood Promise
One day changed Kora's life forever. When her parents died, a powerful vampire saved Kora from meeting the same fate. Ever since that day, Kora started working for The Scarlet Moon, a organization determined to kill rogue vampi...
10 reads 8 readers 1 by DarkVampireGirl
Forbidden Worlds
Yakumo always dreamed of being a high classed exorcist just like he always dreamed of being together with the love of his life, Lucinda. Her beauty and personality drew him closer and closer to her until one day, he discovered ...
20 reads 14 readers 5 by DarkVampireGirl
The Eternal War
Living a tough sixteen year life, Suki knew how to stay strong and fight. When the war starts, she never imagined her best friends, Mako and Koga, and her self would be involved fighting a adult war. Unknown of who they were fi...
19 reads 12 readers 2 by DarkVampireGirl