Blood Promise

Blood Promise

One day changed Kora's life forever. When her parents died, a powerful vampire saved Kora from meeting the same fate. Ever since that day, Kora started working for The Scarlet Moon, a organization determined to kill rogue vampires and ghouls. The longer Kora stays in the organization, the more she realizes that maybe what Alucard did wasn't just a act of kindness, but something more important. With a evil new organization rising, will Kora be the savior or destroyer of Earth?

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A Nightmare From The Past

A Nightmare From The Past

Bang.      Bang.      Bang. Noises came every where from down stairs. The thought of a burglar inside the house never appeared in my sleep state. Slowly opening my blue eyes, I pulled the thick purple covers off of me and crawled slowly out of bed. My black booty shorts hugged tight on my small frame along with my gray tank top snuggling my body. Walking to my wooden door, I stood in front of it about to twist the doorknob until a heard a bloody scream come from right outside the door.

The feelings of sleep disappeared as I stood in front of the door in shock.  Cracking the door open, I felt my blue eyes widen with the sight in front of me. Blood covered the walls outside in the hallway. The dark red blood ran down the walls. Looking down on the ground, I saw where all the blood had came from. Laying on the floor was a woman with black hair and blue eyes in a white well now red gown. My mother laid there barely moving but still alive. Her neck streamed with blood running down her pale skin. The injury looked like a dog had ripped her throat out. Tears started forming in my eyes. Looking at her terrified, my mother caught a glimpse of me.

"Get. Out. Now. We. Love. Yo..."

The last words of my dying mother as I watched her eyes become glossy and gone. Backing up away from the door, I ran to the window and pulled it up. Glaring down at the bottom, I realized it wasn't a very long drop from here, but what was going on? How did my mother get that injury? Was I next? Who or what could have done that?

Thud.       Thud.      Thud.  Footsteps grew closer and closer to my door. Throwing my dark blue hair in a hair bow, I kicked my leg out the window when the door slung open. A tan muscular figure man stood in front of the door with red blood staining his brown jacket, white shirt, and blue jean pants. His brown hair brushed every where on his head while his red eyes darted at me. Quickly kicking my other leg out, I felt my body falling, and then suddenly something grabbed my arms.

Looking up, the strange man stared at me with a smile. Fangs? I felt shocked as the teeth covered in blood glistened at me. The man pulled me inside and threw me at the wall. My body fiercely banged on the wall knocking the breath out of me.

"Well. Well. I don't like it when my dinner tries to run away from me." (strange man)

Trying to look up, I saw him above me licking his fangs. The impact caused me to grow weak and exhausted, but I could not die here. I knew if I gave up, he would kill me. With what strength I had left, I attempted to crawl away, but he pressed his boot on my back. Pain shot through my chest as he buried his foot into my back. Suddenly, I felt his breath breathing down my neck. Then, I think I heard him say, "This is going to hurt a lot," but I did not hear him after something pierced my neck. Pain engulfed my body as he bit into my neck.

Nausea covered over me as I felt him bare his teeth deeper inside my neck. Darkness began to cover over me, and I started losing feelings in all parts of my body. This was it. My final moment. I had so much more in life. School was about to start, and I was determined to talk to the guy I liked. Why would God let this happen? Did I do something wrong?

Nothing stopped the darkness from taking control of my mind. Suddenly, I felt my throat being ripped out. Severe pain took over my throat, and I felt my soul being tore away from my body. The bright light took over the darkness, and my soul welcomed the light with open arms; however, something held me back.

The darkness took over my eye sight, so I couldn't see who was in front of me talking to me. All I knew was that he was a man with a dark, deep voice.

"Kora, stay with me. Stay with me, moron."

After the man said that, a sharp pain like before pierced the side of my neck that wasn't ripped out. The light began to disappear as the darkness of passing out controlled my body.

Shooting up from my bed, I breathed heavily from the horrible nightmare. I guess I should not call it a nightmare since it really happened. Looking around the large room, I realized how I still was not used to the black walls and floor in this room. The bed was not big but just for one person. On the right side sat a small closet with drawers inside. Beside my white little pillow laid several used tissues from the tears and mucus of loosing my beloved family.

A week ago that was how long I have been at the organization called The Scarlet Moon. The Scarlet Moon is a secret hidden organization determined to destroy any rogue vampire and ghoul, a dead body who thirsts for human flesh and blood. After I woke up from passing out, the man in front of me was named Alucard. Alucard is known as the first vampire aka the strongest one alive. To this day, he has never told me why he saved me that day, but now he is my master.

I became a vampire on that day. Oddly enough, the organization's leader, Vaga, has not let me out yet to fight. I have been in the training center all week. Maybe she thinks I need more time to mourn my parents' death. The memories of blood every where still haunted me. Nothing made it better when I saw the bodies. The rogue vampire had ripped and ate my father's body into so many pieces I hardly noticed him.

Gliding my fingers through my dark blue hair, I could hear footsteps growing closer and closer. After I became a vampire, all my senses increased, so I heard the loud steps of the shoes growing closer to my door. The steps stopped, and a giant knock exploded from my door.

"I hope that woke you up, moron. Get ready. You go on your first mission." (Alucard)
"Yes, Master." (Me crawling out of bed)
"Be ready in five minutes and meet me in Vaga's office." (Alucard)
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