Forbidden Worlds

Forbidden Worlds

Yakumo always dreamed of being a high classed exorcist just like he always dreamed of being together with the love of his life, Lucinda. Her beauty and personality drew him closer and closer to her until one day, he discovered her dark secret. Now the loyal exorcist must chose either to be with the girl he loves or lose his dreams.

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A Mystery Begins

A Mystery Begins

Sitting in the class room, the lesson did not attract me. Instead, I watched the back of the long red haired girl's straightened hair flow down her back while her tan arms pointed towards the chalk board. Her voice rang through my ears like angels' joyful songs. Seeing her turn around, most of the guys looked at her breast, but I watched her red eyes gleam with excitement. The black tank top tried to hold back her breasts along with her black jacket with a black cross pen on it. Her short skirt hardly covered up much of her tan legs with her black flats on her feet. I have known my teacher ever since we were kids, and I have never seen her in a skirt. Lucinda Micheals is the girl who has always been with me since childhood and the girl I love.

Watching her careful, my blue eyes came attracted by her voice. My white shirt was tight on my pale skin with my black long jacket covering over my white shirt. My black pants stayed on my legs tight with my black shoes on me. My blue hair was combed back pretty like it normally was to try and impress Lucinda, but strangely she never noticed.

"Yakumo, what weapon to you use against this type of demon?" (Lucinda pointing to me)
"Holy water and a gun with purifying bullets." (Me standing up confidently)
"Good. Thought you weren't paying attention." (Lucinda smiling)
"Of course I was.." (I got interrupted)

Opening the door, I saw him. His brown hair falling in his face with his uniform loose on his pale skin. Those brown eyes gazing lustily at Lucinda made me want to cut his throat. Glazing to my right, I noticed the empty seat of my twin brother, Naki. I thought two years ago, he would stop doing this but at age sixteen and still coming into school late. Did he have a death wish? I mean we only have a few minutes still school is over for the day.

"You are late, Naki." (Lucinda)
"Oh, calm down, teach." (Naki sits down next to me)
"You can get the notes from your brother." (Lucinda turning around to the board)
"Dang look at that butt. Oh, did you take any notes?" (Naki whispering to me)
"Don't look at her like that, but yes I did." (Me listening to Lucinda)
"Don't tell me you don't look at her like that?" (Naki checking Lucinda out)

Rolling my eyes, I heard the bell to leave school ring. Gathering my sword, I watched as all my classmates even my brother leave. The only people in the class room was Lucinda and me.

"Oh, thank goodness school is over. Now for the fun part." (Lucinda grabbing her sword)
"Can I come?" (Me)
"I don't know. You might if I give my father a call. What the heck? Yeah you can come." (Lucinda smiling)
"Awesome! What's the target today?" (Me walking beside Lucinda)
"Well father said a level A demon was causing trouble downtown at night." (Lucinda shutting the door)
"Yay! I get to fight a level A demon!" (Me)
"No. I am fighting. You are watching." (Lucinda grabbing a key and twisting it in the door)

Opening the door, I could see a dark alley from downtown. High classed exorcists get to have keys that go into every part of the world. Lucinda could be a paladin if she wanted to, but she doesn't want all the responsible or something like that. Walking through the door, we stood in a dark alley around us. No noise surrounded us only the sound of a cool breeze blowing. Then, it showed its ugly face.

Red eyes pierced the darkness. A large black lizard figure appeared in front of us. Its scaly skin ran shivers down my spine. Not of fear but at the sear ugliness. Gross.

"Shh. Look who they sent to destroy me. What are you going to do? Suffocate me with her boobs?" (Lizard Demon)
"Grr. No. Just face your death. Yakumo, go inside that building and don't come out still I say so." (Lucinda drawing her sword)

Running inside the building, I peered outside the window and watched the fight. Normally, I would of ignored her and stayed out there and helped her, but I didn't wanna get in the way with a Level A demon. Plus, she was older than me but by two years. Glaring at her sword, the blade was unlike anything else. Red mercury was the color of the blade. Only Lucinda could use it. I tried holding it one time and burned my hand.

Slash. The demon's talons lashed out at Lucinda, but she just jumped back with such smooth moved. Raising her feet up, she spun them around and kicked him in his face. Falling the the ground, she landed on top of him and pressed her sword against his neck. From the looks of it, I could tell he whispered something in her ear. Her red eyes grew angry with hate as she pulled her sword across his neck. Something sharp shined from her teeth, but I couldn't tell from the dusty windows. The red mercury sword burst out into flames. Burning my eyes, I covered them from the bright light burning through the spot.

When the fire died out, I saw Lucinda standing strong in front of the dust covered lizard demon. Raising her sword up, she drew it back inside her slit. Turning around, the glistening thing coming from her mouth had disappeared along with her red eyes had lightened up. Running out of the room, I saw her turn around at me. Her red hair was flowing down her shoulder as she curved a smile at me. The smile made my heart melt.

"You did great, Lucy." (Me walking to her)
"You saw me?" (Lucinda walking out of the alley)
"Oh, no. Just saw the dust and figured is all." (Me following her)
"Ha. Well come on. Let's go back to the dorm house before you get in front." (Lucinda walks up to a dorm and twists the door key)
"Why can't we get that key?" (Me standing behind Lucinda)
"Because the door you use to leave the school should sent you to the dorms. Then, you can leave and do whatever you want it town." (Lucinda opening the door)
"Ugh. Come on. We should have our own keys." (Me walking behind her)
"Don't argue with me. Ask Legion for the keys." (Lucinda walking through the door while I follow)
"But he is so weird. Do you see what he wears?" (Me smiling as I follow her)

Laughing, Lucinda just smiled at me and stood in front of the large dorm building. Windows covered the high building in front of us. A flight of stairs was in our way from entering through the double doors on the huge building. Watching her walk towards me, I felt something strange going on with Lucinda. Her attitude had changed into a dark mysterious atmosphere. Walking behind her, I wrapped my arms around her. I felt my face turn blood shot red, but I was hugging her from behind.

"Come on, Lucy. This place ain't that bad." (Me hugging her)
"Well I think it could have more color." (Lucinda chuckling)
"How about we go inside?" (Me pulling her arm inside the doors)
"Don't pull me, Yaya!" (Lucinda laughing)
"Let's wait at the elevator." (Me waiting patiently)
"Hey, Yaya. You promise you didn't see anything right?" (Lucinda pressing the elevator button)

I couldn't tell her that I saw flames coming out of her sword and something shiny at her teeth. However, I did want to know what was going on, but I will do some research when I get to the dorm. Hopefully, Naki won't be in there.

"No. I promise." (Me watching the elevator opening)
"Great! I get very aggressive when I fight! Especially when demons talk about my boobs!" (Lucinda laughing and walking in the empty elevator)
"Well I would never see you any differently." (Me walking inside)
"Oh, of course not!" (Lucinda pressing the top floor while I pressed the second to the top floor)
"Oh, Lucy. Are you worried we won't be close anymore?" (Me leaning against the wall)
"Yeah. I don't want you to be scared is all. Marcus even gets scared." (Lucinda watching the numbers go up)
"Our paladin is scared of you?" (Me)
"Of course. It was supposed to be my spot." (Lucinda seeing the elevator stop)
"Why don't you tell me why you ain't?" (Me walking out)
"I'll tell you one day." (Lucinda waving goodbye)

Watching her white smile gleaming on her face made my heart beat as the door closed. Walking down the hallways, I grabbed the key in my pocket and made it to the last door aka Naki and my dorm. Twisting the key in the hole, I opened the door. Pulling the key out, I glared at the room in front of me.

A black bunk bed was in the right corner of the room with blue covers on the beds. In front of the two windows, two desks were in front of them. One covered in papers of work (mine) while the other was clean and dusty with a Coke can on it. On the left wall was a closet with brown doors. The walls were white with brown carpet. Naki was no where in the room, so I opened a drawer, grabbed my computer along with some books about demons, and started my research.

Looking up red fire and what I am guessing sharp fangs, I searched every where. At first, nothing but a few things about lower demons. A hour went by and still didn't find anything. Until I grabbed a old research book was when I discovered something.

What I discovered was something that shocked even me.
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Why is grey sama on the cover?!? O_o and awesome story
Is it Grey from Fairy Tail?
Ya :3
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Ha I just thought it would be a good picture to how similarity to the characters
on August 20, 2014
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