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Qfeaster's as Anime!
OKay, I have seen a few a pages where you can put a picture of yourself on but I have seen so many people be sad because they didnt have a photo to upload or was nervous about it. SO how about posting yourself as a anime chactu...
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Bad Jokes.
Lets face it we all have heard at least 5 bad jokes in our lives so post them here (you can also put bad pick up lines but if its inapproperate then I'll delete it.)
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How To Train Your Dragon RP!
This page is for RP and HTTYD drawing requests. I can draw the dragons and the dragon riders so just ask. you can also adopted dragons that i make. Hope you like it! ( If you become a member, you can adopt a Night Fury!)
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Finish the Sentence!
So I thought it would be fun if we could see if people could finish each others' sentences to be true, or you can be funny! Have fun! Rules: Write the beginning of a phrase, comment the ending of it
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in memory of spock
the man who played spock in the oringal star trek died at age 83, the page is in memory of him
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Anime Recommendation Page
Welcome to the Anime Recommendation Page! On this page you can recommend animes to fellow otakus.
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Unbelievable Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind
Probably the best optical illusions in the world. Fool your eyes with these cool aesthetic photos and puzzles!
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