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The Last Stand RP
The outbreak of the undead started a year ago today... Humanity's numbers have since dwindled down to nearly nothing... Between mutants and zombies, can our heroes and heroines continue their fight? Or will they meet their end ...
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Blackwell Academy RP
Welcome to Blackwell Academy for gifted youngsters. This is not your ordinary school as this academy is for kids who had developed powers. This school is very selective in the hiring process, but almost every student is accepte...
18 subscribers 6 members fully opened profile pageby LunarMn
We love God
Those out there who love God come here for support, to post memes, quotes anything to share that you love God (anyone can become a member I just want to make sure it isn't someone who will give hate)
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Qfeast Roll Call
sup hoes. this is a good quality™ page i promise y'all (well it'll probs be deleted soon but that's ok with me tbh)
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Legend of Zelda Role Play with Dark_Link
*walks in* hey..wait is this another rp page? Link? what r u doing and don't say u where forced in here by fangirls.
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The Night Circus Freakshow
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Come and see things your eyes won't believe! Some say they are aliens. Some say they are strangers. Some say they are not of this world. We will not conform to the madness, whether they scor...
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A different kind of Gravity Falls RP.
Basically, there's a new Bill Cipher Wheel, with ten symbols on it, and the RPers are Gravity Falls citizens who have a symbol on the wheel. But each is followed by a member of the Cipher family, and the wheel doesn't have an i...
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Teen Life RP
RP about your crazy teenage life, whether it's real or not. It's pretty much what the title says. All of the characters that have an OC have to be a teenager (12 years old is included). You don't even have to be human and can h...
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Warriors Fan Group!!!!
If you enjoy, the Warriors series, please join this page!! We will talk about or fav moments, in the Warrior Series!
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Last Man Standing: A Minecraft RP
Imagine this: You've been dropped in a Minecraft world. There are 6 different groups of Minecrafters, called Tribes: Dragonhunters, Shadowlurkers, Wolf Warriors, Skylords, Nightthieves and Sorcerers. Then there are the Loners, ...
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Warrior cats RP!
This is the warrior cats RP page! Where you can make your own warriors. And own clans (if you want). Hope you enjoy!
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Were-creatures RP
You can make an OC were-creature... your OC must be a were-creature but what were-creature it is, is up to you. You will need 1. Name, 2. Age, 3. Gender, 4. Image, 5. Love/Likes, 6. Dislikes, 7. Magic/Special Powers (optional),...
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Rise of the Guardians RP (1)
This is where you can rotg rp. Just fill out the profile form and you can rp :) Name: Age: Powers: Parents(if any): Appearance: Personality: Crush(if any): Extra:
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