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What's your favouite band?
One Direction
5 Seconds of...
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical ...
+ 3 more
28 votes 15 by Maydeathneverstopyou
Which One Would You Rather do?
Go in to the past with $10 (or euros or whatever currency you use) where everything would be cheap?
Go in to the future with $10 (or euros or whatever currency you use)  because by then $10 would equal about $1000
Neither - don't wanna mess with time or the doctor will kill me
71 votes 8 by NeonTiger
who would you rather kiss?
my brother o...
or... a duck?
69 votes 28 by gothicskittlescupcake
Should I change Melody's look?
Yes! I think...
No! I love h...
I don't care
9 votes 0 profile pollby MelodyTheHedgebat