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Things Parents Do
Parents seem to think they know what's going on with their kids. I could be wrong, but the things certain parents do can lead to so much disadvantages such as; Arguments, Fighting, Neglect, Thoughts of Running Away, Doing Drugs...
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The Shipping Page
Basically what the title says! Post ships you like from any fandom OR you can ship yourself with someone on Qfeast or IRL! >:3
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Made Up Acronyms!
Some examples would be: Lol= Lizards of Lying [I really dont know] OMG= Oh Melting Gorilla.
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Dark Humor
Everyone likes a good joke now and than. But does everyone enjoy Dark Humor? Post your Dark jokes or read others. Keep it coming. No joke is a bad joke here! [ we appreciate it if a joke related to one is posted in the comment...
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Birthday scenarios!
Idk I was bored and some of them are really funny so I hope you enjoy! :)
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FNAF fangirls
If you are a fangirl of Five Nights at Freddy's then come in and talk about FNAF and your experiences playing.
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Paused movies
If you pause a movie at the right time, it can turn out to be hilarious!
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Creepy high
you have been accepted into creepy high the high school for the children of the creepy pasta people
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Crazy and Funny!
The most hilarious, amazing, crazy and weird photos / memes you know! powered by Qfeast Community! Is time to have one very big page focused on crazy and funny stuff on Qfeast. Upload as many as possible funny photos and memes...
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awkward moments memes page
when you find those awkward moments pictures and have to share them with others on qfeast!
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Bad Jokes.
Lets face it we all have heard at least 5 bad jokes in our lives so post them here (you can also put bad pick up lines but if its inapproperate then I'll delete it.)
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the FNAF comics
make or post a FNAF comic but ONLY FNAF. so if you want to do a different comic this is the wrong place to be.
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This page is for people who loves anime. You can post anything that is part of any anime. Welcome! *Please no cursing.*
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Animal Abuse Needs To STOP!!
This is about animal abuse and how it seriously needs to stop. If you love animals and agree that they don't deserve it please subscribe and request a membership. Please help me make this a very popular page so everyone can see...
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The Anime Fan Page!
If you are a fan of Anime come here! Any Anime is allowed. Enjoy and have fun! Remember no 'NSFW' stuff!
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