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Two Sides to a Story
here is my attempt at writing a babyfur story and maybe some of you will actually like it
18 reads 10 readers 3
explaining baby stuff to y'all cuz i can
some of y'all are probably still like "ew babies gross i hate babies" so i am going to shove my logic down ur throats
75 reads 23 readers 7
things for achool
my school told me to make a randomly generated story and so this is it.
8 reads 8 readers 6
place for me to do little things
and by little things i mean littlespace of course. dont read if not little friendly
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me x aiden (lemon)
thie ie a lemon fic abt me and aiden because we are gonna sex and jtll be sexie
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vent (tw)
you can ignore this i just really neednro vent out a lot of atudd andnd
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jul backstory
this is just me describing all my relationships from grade 4-now because bleugh
50 reads 14 readers 2
song lyrics I like
low effort story I can use for rep points woo :-) please enjoy the songs
16 reads 9 readers 1