Steph x Golden Freddy Fanfic

Steph x Golden Freddy Fanfic

I am making this for @ThatOreo34 and @bug.king i love you guys so much muahmuahmuah

published on June 12, 20209 reads 8 readers 0 completed
Chapter 1.
Da story

Da story

steph and golden freddy woke up in the morning. steph said “should we get a pzza my love??” and golden freddy (or gf) agreed. so steph called the piza place. “Hello i would like 1 half robotic 1 half sexy pizza please” after a few minutes they got they pizza and eated the pizza. Chompa chompa chompa. They eated. After they finished the pizza , golden f turned on some music. It was steph sings its been so long. He held out his hand . “ shall we my love?” steph took his hand and giggled. They tyen did sex and steph NUTTED SHE NUTTED VERY HARD . IT WAS A GOOD NUT. SHE FUCKEEN NUTTED SHE WENT NUT NIUT NUT NUT NUT NUT NUT NUT JTNJUR JUT JUT TUNTNJT TNJRBT JT T TITNTITNBSJDBWISBDNEBSHDJWNSBENENSMDNDNDNDNDNNDDBDNDBEBSJDKELAJRHWLDBRJENWKDJENABHDJEKWLADJJEWKDJEJEJDBRBEBDBEJEHEBWKDHRJEJDBRBENJSDBNRJEJENRBRBRBRBRJDHDKEKEJEBEBEBDHDOHD.

Okay. after that steph somehow how prgegaht. and steph was like “it is okay. i am magic.” so she started spinning around really fast and the baby left her it disitingrated. SO THEN. golden fred stomach rummmbled. “Hey steph, I am hungry, would you like to vore pls?” steph blushed really hard and so did GF. hhehehheh. so golem freddy unhinged his jaw very wide and went CHOMP and swallowed her. im done i hate this,
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