Just a girl from the shadows,looking for some friends
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a late night killing spree
a late night killing spree
It's at least 5 minutes after ten,none but the theives and pimps are out this late..all is silent before a blood curdling scream sounds.just as soon as it started the scream ends,and the thud of a body hitting concrete echos through the empty arinain air,out of the ally I walk,covered in my victims blood..to the casual observer I appeared nothing more then a 22 year old girl,dressed in a homemade costume on her way home after a long night of trick or treating.
But to a well trained eye I was ...
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A little trip into my world! Be prepared for a world where reason doesn't exist!! Hope you all enjoy!
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Yaoi or Yuri
I prefer straight couples
I like them all equally
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Just a gal looking for some
Hell on earth,nd friends!
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