A little trip into my world! Be prepared for a world where reason doesn't exist!! Hope you all enjoy!

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Chapter 1.
it begins

it begins

-it's dark and stormy,and very cold..but then again it was the middle of october,halloween was just around the corner and I was busy making sure my 'guests' were comfortable.I chuckle lightly as I walk past countless hanging dolls..and I stop in front of one them."why hello mary,it's been quite some time
Since we've had a conversation hasn't it?"the doll moves against her restraints,screaming at me to let her go..I chuckle again."why would I let you go mary?I thought that you had gotten used to your new home?.."a growl exits my lips as mary continues to scream and wiggle..until I can't take anymore."OH SHUT THE FOOK UP!!" I take a plain scalpel and slice her over and over again,till there's nothing left but a horribly mutilated the sight of it I come back to my senses.."damn it" I get the body down and throw it into the furnace,I had narrowly escaped capture last time..I sigh as I watch the body burn,a few months ago I would never kill another person no matter if they really were guilty or not.
But now a days,now a days..the voices were taking control of my decisions,they had always been there,since the day I was diagnosed with psychosis and scizophernia,and now,now that I was alone watching the body burn I feel a familier feeling,it was happiness.not happiness at what I was doing but happiness that none of those..
'Hey liz,how's it going huh?'
God damn it.
"Go away madness..can't you guys leave me well enough alone?!"
'If we left you alone,dear host we'd be out of a job!and besides your reactions are so much fun!!hahaha!'
I growl at madness,she along with murder and dismay were my three those people on the outside they represented three key emotions that I was feeling madness was a result of my anger and lack of sanity,murder was created when I first killed brittany,he was the demon of revenge.and then there was dismay,another demoness,who personified all my sadness and guilt.
I growl again,then I leave my basement leaving the voices behind,I relax a bit on the sofa."what am I going to do now that halloween is coming up?..I could hand out treats,or maybe I could scare people with one of my costumes."I sigh as I get up,I was going to go for a little scare practice but I wanted an original piece of clothing that I hadn't worn for a long time,I head upstairs and open up my closet doors,there hanging in the back was my old straight jacket,I reach out and feel the course white fabric,there were a few bloodstains on it but it was otherwise clean..without warning the memories of my captivity rush forth and I cry out..the flashes of memory are dizzying.
'So this is the feared night dagger..welcome to your new home!'
Dr.kran and his experiments..
'Please stop this!96 can't take this much voltage!!'
Kiola and her heartfelt sympathy for me..why did she have to be there when the guns went off?
'Liz,I know that you probably don't trust me,but I promise you that I will help you get out of here!'
'What's your name?'
It was my fault,kiola had died defending me from the gun the end I buried her under a tree,and after that I was never the same again.
I decided that I had ignored my true self for too long and with that I lost whatever sanity I had left.
And now I was free..
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