Piper's Return story short - Leo's Return story

Piper's Return story short - Leo's Return story

The third in the 'series' of the PJO characters returns. After Piper's disappearance, the rest of the gang find her...

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Great.  Just great.  Well, the good news was that they had found Piper.  The bad news... it wasn't really her.  She didn't look nearly as beaten up as the others had been (other than Leo).  She seemed perfectly happy, and girly.  She was playing with her hair and humming and she was wearing makeup that I had no idea where it came from.  Somehow, she had also found a new pink dress with flowers and hearts and butterflies on it.  It was absolutely terrifying.  I was sure Aphrodite had something to do with this.

We tried to hold her to help her onto the ship, but she refused and skipped up on her own.  She proceeded to brush her hair on deck while everyone stared at her.  She seemed to like the attention.  Finally Leo approached her and put a hand on her shoulder.  

"I have a Jason."  She said, meaning that she was taken.

"Yes, I know your Jason.  Just chill ok."  He moved his hand around her body and face, careful to avoid the slap-trigger areas.  Then announced,

"She's part machine.  There's something making her this way, probably because 'they' couldn't find any other way to break her.  If you want the parts out, I need to do a surgery." By the end he was talking more to Jason.  He gulped and nodded.

"We need to knock her out."  Leo informed, and Jason volunteered by walking up to her with a brick.  (All those for Brason say I! Jason+Brick=Brason)  when he hesitated, Piper piped up.  Pun intended.

"Its okay.  I've been knocked out by a brick many times.  Just don't mess up my hair."  She patted down the slightly messed up hair on the back of her head.  Jason hit her just hard enough for her to loose consciousness.
"Ok, anyone know how to preform brain surgery?"  Leo legit asked.  Jason didn't like it.

"Dude!"  He looked like he wanted to slap Leo with 50 volts.  He raised his hands.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding. She'll be fine.  I've had practice. But first, we need to shave her head."

"What! You can't do that to my Piper." Jason raged.

"Well, I could just shave off a part of it. Then you would have a partially bald Piper instead."
"No! No shaving."  Jason protested.

"Come on.   Look at Hazel or Frank right now.  They got it bad.  Just let me do the effin surgery before she wakes up."  Frank looked disgusted.

"Language." Jason chided, "there are children in the room."  He nodded toward Hazel who crossed her arms at him.

Leo went ahead with the brain surgery.  Luckily he did a great job because he was practically working with a machine.  And he didn't have to shave that much hair off because he had found an easy route to the mechanics through the base of her head by the back of her neck.  All went well.

They walked out three hours later with Leo supporting Piper who had demanded that she change before going up on deck. Jason nearly squished her in a hug when he saw her in old jeans and a too big green t shirt.

"I did two things today.  One; I made Piper less of a daughter of Aphrodite again.  Two; I found a cure for ADHD." He said while standing completely still.  Everyone stared.

Seriously?" Percy wondered closer to the Leo statue, "either he somehow performed brain surgery on himself or this is an automaton."

"Cut me and see if I bleed then.  I'm smarter than I look."  Leo said, holding out his arm in blood sacrifice.  Percy drew Riptide and pressed it into Leo's skin.  Blood leaked out and Leo put a hand on it to stop the bleeding.  Then he promptly stuck his tongue out at Percy.

"Me next."  He volunteered.
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