Summon me

Summon me

A dark stormy night, Shadows dancing across the abandoned buildings, a single lantern lights the room. A book open to a page with a demon like figure on it, candles unlit in the room, the Summoning will begin. (picture is done by AutumnFire on pixilart)

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Chapter 1.

The Summoning

A lone figure sits in the dark, damp and broken room, a single red lantern lights up a book brown and worn. Ruins shine with unknown power as the figure wonders if this will help them out to set the world straight again. "Many months of work all lead to this, to summon my own demon to grant the wish of mine. Verrath a strange name but it is a demon, they can grant my wish." The cloak of the figure falls backwards to revel an pained and sad face, female by appearance. "If i can i would ask for a second chance to right my past mistakes but this could be a fake and not work." She sighs, deciding to try. The lantern's light flickers as the candles somehow lighting up, energy swirls from the book as she start the summoning "Viel of hte pslli, lfit it p!u bnirg ftroh eth oen of ture bnieg wtih lplis of dre and yeollw. I seke tehe Vearrth of imtirupy!" A blast of power as a slit appears in the middle of the circle drawn on the floor, a creature rises out of it.

"Holy Shit! It worked!" The Female exclaims, as the creature has fully emerged from it, a brown dog like creature with four yellow eyes, floating pills of red and yellow stares the human down. "Are you the one who summoned me?" They asked, stuttering an answer the human replies "Y-Yes, i heard you can grant wishes. All i wish for is the world to go how it was before the apocalypse and the effects that caused it to never ever happen. Is that too much?" Chuckling, the demon replies "What you ask is easy but due note i need something in return, an item of clothing would be welcomed to show that i have done what you wish. And all knowledge of the present soon to be past will be gone, even meeting me. Those are my terms, do you accept?". A pause of silence as the terms set into the Human's mind, quickly as soon as it happen they pull a old and worn down orange hoodie, "I know this isn't much but would this be acceptable by you? This belonged to my brother be for he died from too much toxic radiation exposure, i feel myself succumbing to the same fate as he did, this is my last chance to set thing straight."

Their breathing becomes heavy as blood seeps from their lips falling to the floor as light fades from the teen's eyes as fate had other ideas, without a second thought Verrath leaps out of the circle destroying the contract that would of sent them back, to help the defenseless and dead body of the human who broke the curse placed on Verrath the moment they summoned them. "Human, are you there? please i cannot fulfill your wish if your not here!" They get no reply as the daylight streams into the room, light shining onto the pale face with lifeless storm grey eyes, their brown hair fallen out of the bun they had it in. Verrath slowly lowers the body not letting go as a card with the human's details on it, the name unreadable but age is there. "You were only 17 and the world of human's turned to this. I can't believe you didn't summon me sooner even if i'm now stuck here, at least it's better then where i was. heh, look at me now talking to a dead human." Verrath says as they pick the body back up in a bridal style carry, looking back at the card there was an address to a graveyard on it. "So that's where your brother is? huh, let me take you there." They reach for the discarded faded orange hoodie, putting it on they move.

Leaving the building as Rain pelts down on the figure walking in the rain, "Don't worry we will be there soon, Cat. You don't mind me calling you that right? cause i'm just guessing from the tag on your coat." They hum, as a graveyard comes into view after an hour of walking. Looking around Verrath sees the most cared for gravestone, "So this is him? your brother, huh. Mitchell is it?" Their voice rings out through out the graveyard, "Don't worry Mitchell, your sister is now here for you." Gently place the Human down, like she was hugging the stone. "She will be with you soon, she saved me from a live of being cursed. And thank you for letting her give me the jumper. I won't go cold tonight, anyway my name is Verrath a demon who saw the good in your sister, unfortunately she sadly died the same way as you, but at least give her some credit she saved someone else from a fate they could avoid." They said as they stand back up, drawing a symbol onto the gravestone, "This rune will preserve her body for you, nothing with moved or be able to remove you both. As a last thank you Cat, I hope you and Mitchell meet again in the next life and retain the memories from this life." After that Verrath walks off into the horizon, "I'll come back for you both soon." Their voice echos across the graveyard with flower adorning the area.

(A/N so i'm just seeing if people like this and if you guys want more just tell me.)
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