Fruits [Finny x Willow]

Fruits [Finny x Willow]

Another Saturday, another time to wash Pluto. Finnian and Willow love the dog, that's why they volunteer.

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        On any fine Saturday at the Phantomhive manor, loud ‘whoops’ and yells could be heard in the garden along with many, many splashes. If one were to investigate the sounds, they would find two young teens, one blond and one brunnette, washing an enormous silver dog. This dog was known as Pluto, the blond known as Finnian or just Finny, and the brunnette known as Willow.
        Willow was a girl with only one working eye, and her sense of smell was so great she could tell a demon from a human a mile away. Finny, a boy with super strength. And Pluto was a demon hound, able to turn into a human. He still couldn’t talk, though.
        The two teenagers worked together in the garden with another, named Bill, but he took no part in the washing.
        “Bring the bucket over here!” she shouted cheerfully, near Pluto’s left hind leg.
        Finny complied, but instead of scrubbing the hound, he dumped the water all on his friend and laughed.
        “Hey!” Willow laughed as well.
        “You asked for it, you know you did!”
        This sort of thing was what went on in the garden on Saturday mornings, and it went on all day. Back and forth, they tossed the water and laughed, and when Sebastian came out to check on them, he accidentally got a faceful from Willow.
        The friends ran.
        They ran as far and fast as they could, and reached a lovely grove of fruits. Neither knew what kind of fruits were there, but they were edible, so they enjoyed a large snack. They laid there for a while, drying off in the afternoon sun while passing the time by making pictures in the clouds.
        “It’s kinda nice out here, don’t ya think?” Willow asked.
        Finny nodded. “I like it when we don’t have Mister Sebastian yelling at us. He’s scary when he’s angry…”
        She laughed. “Yeah…”
        “...Willow? Do you…” He puffed out his cheeks. “Do you like working here? With me and Bard and Mey-rin and Tanaka and Sebastian?”
        The brunnette sat up and turned to him, smiling. “‘Course I do, you guys are our best friends besides each other,” referring to Bill, of course.
        He smiled brightly. “That’s great! It…” He blushed slightly. “If you’re happy, I am too.”
        Willow laughed and kissed his cheek. “If me being happy makes you happy, I’m never gonna frown.”


        Sebastian checked his pocket watch; it was five fifty-two precisely. He then glanced in the direction of the grove where he knew the two servants were hiding, and smirked. “It’s about time they had that chat.” Then he walked inside to prepare dinner.
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