The serum

The serum

this book is a file of all of the experiments on dark wielders, how the serum was made, how it works, and what happened if cured correctly

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Chapter 1.


name: Celeste
Age: 26


Day 1 on experimenting on project 21 for the hope (or th for short) organization, we capture her yelling insults to her majesty at this time, Queen Lucy, and found out soon she was an wielder of evil, a mother of triplets, when we found out that she lived by we tried to get her kids sadly someone helped them escape before we gotten our hands on them, though her husband, who was part of the guard, proved his worth, when he gave her to us.

Day 5 the subject is almost ready for the serum,  she been drugged so she won't fight back, but the side effect was she kept saying children rhymes to us, finally she became unconscious

Day 8 subject finally starts to move back and forth,twitching, and screaming about something in there tongue, JUST like the rest.

Day 15 the subject became conscious so we can finally see her eyes. This is always when we see some changes in them, like some her eyes weren't totally black only her veins and part of her bright blue eye, she's fighting it. But soon she'll succumb to I, they all will, but her eyes won't change now.

Day 23 she has been listening to us and being good we'll let her see her husband tomorrow and his new girlfriend.

Day 24 something bad happened on the visit. Everything went fine until she saw her husband and his girlfriend holding hands, when we gotten to see what happened with how she act. Before anyone can do anything she grabbed a pen sprinted at the girl slammed her to the floor, her hand for her neck and began choking her while stabbing her in the stomach over and over, everyone was frozen in shocked, but when one of the security started coming toward her, then she came up slowly. She gave us a twirl with the biggest grin I have ever seen, showing us the blood of one of us on her hands.
Then she turned the girl boyfriend I thought she couldn't smile any bigger..... I was wrong, She put her newly blooded hands on her face, I could see the pen inbetween her fingers, ''I promised to love you, cherish you and protect you!'' then her grin started to grow smaller now, ''you did to.'' by now the grin was gone. "but you don't love now do you. Right? you don't cherish me, you gave me away to protect you not me!'' Then she slammed her pen deep in his heart. "you don't deserve that''

Day 35 we have to keep her from other people now though, I do see how we can make her want to kill her own kind, thanks to the serum.
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